Youth for Christ Movement

A Christian, a Protestant Reformed Christian, can truly speak of Christ for Youth. But not in the way the leaders of the “Youth for Christ Movement” speaks of it.

These leaders and so called preachers are zealous for the youth of the world, through them, they come to the parents. They have the bad approach, which is “winning souls for Christ”. Now this, from the very start, is a wrong concep­tion. For does not Christ Himself say that those whom the Father hath given unto Him are in Him. From this it is very plain, is it not, that there is only one who saves, and one who saves souls, and that is Christ Himself.

One who attended a Youth for Christ Meeting will agree with me that they use the wrong approach entirely. In advertising these meetings the leaders paint a beautiful picture of all the wonderful music and special numbers that are to be presented at the meeting, and in that way to try to get people to attend.

What is preached? Certainly not the Christ of the Scripture. They preach a Christ of their own imagination, a Christ that can’t even gather his own church, a Christ that needs them to help win souls for Him. They like to speak of being co-workers with Christ, and say “only believe in Christ and you will be saved”, but what they forget to add is “and that not of yourselves, but of the grace of God”. For in Eph. 2:8 we read, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.”

The preposterous goal of the “Youth for Christ” is to evangelize the whole world. That is also the prevalent mod­ern idea of unifying the church institute under one ecclesiastical roof, which is another thing that will never be realized because they have the wrong idea of the church, as to its oneness. The church is one in Christ, in heaven and earth, and Christ is the one who accomplished that. Then what is there that mere man can do, except preach the Word of God in its entirety, and that by grace.

I said that we could speak of “Christ for Youth”, mind you, I said Christ for Youth, not Youth for Christ. Certainly, we can present Christ to the youth of today. We can do this by our walk, manifesting that Christ is our Lord and Saviour. We can witness in the midst of the world that Christ died for our sins. We can bring Christ to the youth through the preaching of the true Gospel. After the Gospel has been brought to them God will do the rest. We do not have “altar calls”, or testimonies, of all the material blessings that we have re­ceived from the Lord “since we start­ed tithing,” or any other kind of testi­monies. Since the “Youth for Christ” movement is outside the Church, and is certainly not scriptural. I believe that we cannot and should not subscribe to it.