Your Society Meetings – A Gift

Dear Covenant Young People,

By this time, you have undoubtedly well entered upon another new year of Young People’s Society work in your church.  You probably have elected officers, decided upon the book for your Bible study, and determined the type of after-recess program which you hope to have.  All these preliminaries are past.  Now, the bulk of the society year lies before you.  And what, let it be asked, is really before you?

Is the central thought and idea behind your affiliation with this society a desire to grow in the grace and the knowledge of God and His Word?  To speak of matters that concern you as the seed of the covenant in this world of today?  And to have companionship with others who so desire?

We may assume, if matters stand as they should, that these things are so for you.  And if this is true, let the question be repeated, what is before you now?

Week after week of what may, in a certain sense, be termed “routine” stretches before you until you have summer recess next May, at least in certain localities.  What is your regard for this season of society life that stretches week after week, meeting after meeting, into the future?  You must answer this, for it is the answer to this question that will determine the nature of the answers to the initial questions asked above.

First, there is a matter that is often overlooked, especially by us as young people who do not possess as great a store of experience and understanding as our parents, which ought to be called to our attention.  That matter is this:  It is a wondrous fact, which ought to be a subject for our daily thanksgiving, that the aged and the youth of the Church of God MAY at this present time in history, study the Word, as often as we desire, in our homes, schools, churches and societies; and that, unhindered by the powers of darkness that rage about us.  We MAY; there are no laws to the contrary, as yet.  Isn’t it amazing that we still may have that glorious Word to study, discuss and enjoy at will, without any interference from those that hate God, His Christ and His Church?  Scripture indicates that these things shall not always be.  This in itself, then, ought to be a very spiritually sobering thought, a warning, and admonition to diligence, even as it pertains to our evaluation and use of the time and opportunity that is given us in our society life of this year, shouldn’t it?

Secondly, with that idea in mind, we likely will not clamor that our society meetings must amuse or entertain us, or simply be a tedious rendezvous, prior to the evening’s “real” purpose and enjoyment!  Oh, no!  With an attitude that is spiritually sober, we will have a very active joy in these meetings, each week and again, because there it is that we may, as the inquiring and learning youth of the Church of Christ, delve into the beauties of His Truth, especially as they have a meaning for us as youth, now.  That you have certain questions, as maturing youth, concerning various aspects of amusements, dating, profession in life, and the scorn and ridicule that even now already you bear as those called by Christ’s name, there is no doubt.  What place could be more appropriate than in your society meeting, where, after you have been busy in the study of the Word, you may with others discuss these things in the light of that Word?  And what a glorious privilege!

This regard for the society comes into focus once more.  Will this year, for YOU now, be one of leisure, idleness, inactivity and “let the other fellow do it?”  Will it be thus:  I have just taken my turn at this or that, and now I can “coast” again ‘til my name comes up?  Wait a moment!  Bible study.  Study.  But that really means activity, doesn’t it?  Reading, thinking, searching, questioning and affirming!  They are all bound up in Bible study and discussion.  All this God provides for YOU to enjoy through PARTICIAPTION.  You will do so when God lays these things before your mind, through prayer, to seek His blessing on your efforts and those of the society.  You will do so by preparing yourself for the study and topics of each meeting.  You will participate by faithful attendance, and also encouraging to attend those who are negligent in this endeavor of our youth.  You will also participate by doing “your part” to fill the hours with speech and discussion that are rooted in the love of God.  And, by His grace, you shall also participate in the fruit of these labors that were all called forth by our God, by expecting and also receiving the assurance and experience that you are His, and that He has sent that particular activity to equip you for the future days, and to prepare you for the eternal reward of grace.

Dear young people, prepare yourselves, enter into the discussions, and clutch and use the words of the Word, especially as you recall them from Ephesians 6:10-18.  The privilege, this gift of society life in the church, will much avail that covenant child who uses it in preparation against the evil days before him.

You may, through study, discussion and song, glorify your Maker.  You may be built up, through that means, in the knowledge of the Truth.  And you may, through that way, be fortified to be able to stand in the battle that shall surely be upon you, and to know that you shall stand.  God has given this society season for your use.  And you will use it.  How will you use it?