Your Life Will Change Today (Are You Ready?)

When you wake up this morning and someone asks,
“So, what are your plans today?”
Be careful before you say,
“Nothing special”
For God has a way
In which the seemingly small and mundane,
Will affect the rest of your life.
You say your first words
Take your first steps
You get your first tooth
Or a burn on your hand
Your life has changed today.

Today you start school
See God in every subject
You talk about one behind her back
Encourage a friend in his faith
You get hit in the head with a puck and
need stitches
You act selfishly, or
Give in, and compromise
You sing your first song, learn how to pray
Learn to play the violin
You resist the urge to cheat on a test
Lie to your parents and get away with it
You memorize a Bible verse
Get rejected by a friend
You fall from a tree and hit your head
You’re unable to awake
Your life has changed today.

Today you give of yourself unconditionally
In the service of God’s kingdom
You make a judgment without compassion
Give into peer pressure
You stand strong and don’t give in to sin
Take a foolish challenge and nothing bad happened
You change your point of view
You ask another for help
You learn that you can fool your parents
That they really don’t have a clue
You take your first drink
Smoke your first cigarette
You decide to try marijuana, just this once
See your first movie
You go on your first date
Get your first kiss
You learn to drive
Get in a car accident
Your life has changed today.

Today you graduate from school
Make confession of faith
You leave home
Realize that your parents aren’t always right
You accept they have sins of their own to battle
Understand that they knew more than you ever thought
You get lost on your way, do you ask for help?
Hear of a trial in someone’s life
You decide you can be friends with someone who doesn’t love God
Find your help meet
You give less than100% at your job today
Take supplies or products from the work place
You take credit for someone else’s work or ideas
Make someone else look bad
You buy something new
But have no clue how you were going to pay for it
Your life has changed today.

Today you have surgery
Need therapy
You find out that you have cancer, high blood pressure
Diabetes, high cholesterol
You are living in pain
Develop a rare disease
You decide to live a healthier life
Quit smoking
You lose a loved one
Find out you are expecting
Your life has changed today.

Today you decide that divorce and remarriage is a gray area
Christ is not preaching off the pulpit; it’s just a man
You decide we need learn to tolerate everyone
Homosexuality is not a sin
You decide skipping church was ok just this once
To do something in “Christian liberty” that others find offensive
You decide sleeping in church is acceptable,
After all I’m busy and find it hard to stay awake
You give of your firstfruits to the church, willingly
Obediently follow in God’s way
You are voted in as elder or deacon
Asked for forgiveness, humbled yourself
You read your Bible
Your life has changed today.

In every decision or circumstances
There is always a first,
The second time is easier
The approach you take will be a stepping-stone
To make you, who you will become
Understanding this, you most definitely say