Words From the Cross

Father, forgive. They know not what they do:
Some of my own were drawn into this snare,
Not knowing that for them I give my life—
For all my people I this cross do bear.

My earthly ties are severed now,
So Mary, go with John;
As son and mother you’ll be known
While life for you goes on.

Thou hast thy sin confessed;
Today in Paradise with me
Thou’lt dwell among the blest.

I thirst—my throat is parched and sore,
My tongue no moisture knows,
A fiery pain surrounds my form;
I’m mocked by cunning foes.

My flesh asks, Why? Since I Thy law obey.
And yet I know. ‘Tis for my people’s sins
That I must walk this agonizing way.

Dear Father, I have paid the price;
I’ve suffered to the end;
And now My spirit to Thy hands
I willingly commend.

It is finished—death is vanquished.
All the Father’ s perfect perfect plan
In this act has been completed;
Saved! What once was fallen man.