Women and War

“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindered” (I Peter 3:7). The Word of God teaches here that each family should have its own separate home. Communal living is not substantiated by scripture. Families should dwell together in their own individual houses. The children must not be raised outside the home circle by the state. Husbands and wives must not be so occupied as both to be out and away from the home more than they are together in it. Where this divine arrangement is neglected or disrupted, many grave and degrading evils arise in the church and in society. The inspired Word requires that the wife should dwell in her own house, and not seek to be “liberated” from her home and her children. Wives are bound to be “keepers at home.” The woman’s principle scene of duty is the home. It is contrary to both scripture and nature for family members to live separately as many do for purely selfish and worldly reasons. Then family devotions, family instruction and family discipline are sacrificed. Many husbands and wives today are fonder of any company than that of each other. This is so in some cases because husbands do not honor their wives; in other instances, the wives, lowering themselves in the interest of an absolute equality with men, refuse that honor.

Husbands and wives must dwell together in their own homes “according to knowledge,” that is, as Christians knowing the law of God and its directives for life in the family, in the church, in the school and in the state. But in the home where the husband is not recognized as the head of the woman and the wife as subject to her husband, there can be no living together according to knowledge; then there is a lot of living ignorantly and foolishly. Living “women’s lib” style is not living according to knowledge. Living according to Equal Rights Amendment principles is to live in utter folly, not according to knowledge. These feminist principles is to live in utter folly, not according to knowledge. These feminist principles are destructive of the entire Christian social structure. it is to fail to live according to knowledge for husband, wife, daughter or son to meekly submit to the pressures of women’s equal rights advocates, women’s equal opportunity specialists and of the sex equality defenders. These pressure groups are not characterized by the knowledge of God and His holy law. Imbedded in them are horrible forms of folly lending to chaos and national judgment under the wrath of God.

One reason why the husband is to dwell with his wife according to knowledge is that the Lord God says she is “the weaker vessel.” Both the man and the woman are weak, but the woman is the weaker. True, physically and intellectually, some women are stronger than some men; but generally the female is weaker than the male. The woman is not of an inferior mentality, but of a more delicate, sensitive mentality. Where this delicacy and sensitivity are not found in women, then the men of their sphere are likely of a very low order.

But neither is it according to knowledge for husbands to treat their wives as though they were children. It is true that many women today are acting childishly. Childish women in some countries rise to power to dominate the men, so that it must be said, “As for My people, children are their oppressors (as in Iran’s holding of American hostages), and women rule over them” (Isaiah 3:12; cp. v. 2). The word “women” in this prophecy is not to be taken strictly literally. It is exactly fulfilled in male rulers so soft and effeminate, the poor “grannies” that they are, that they are more like women than men. But in many ways today women literally rule over men (and so do children). With the possibility of women being drafted, even to fight on the battlefield, we will have even more female military officers than we have now outranking the men.

It is to fly in the face of the Word of God to deny that woman is “the weaker vessel.” The modern “equal rights” groups deny that God has spoken authoritatively on these issues. They deny that “that head of the woman is the man” and that “the head of every man is Christ.” They deny that the woman’s place is that of subservience to the man. They deny “he is the image and glory of God” and that the woman is “the glory of the man.” On feminist principles, the woman does not shine with any glory. She is in God’s eyes a shabby wretch. Modern men and women deny the truth that “the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man.” Nor will the world accept it that “neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman for the man.” According to these principles of true, spiritual knowledge, the man has the place of headship; the woman a subordinate place.

Is it true that scripture does not speak to the question as to whether women ought to be drafted, and ultimately with a view to the battlefield? Isn’t it perfectly clear from the Old Testament, and just as clear from the New, that exclusively to the man belongs the profession of arms? The fighting forces of Israel consisted of men. The civil law of Israel allowed a newlywed husband a honeymoon leave of one year before being required to go out to war (Deuteronomy 24:5). The profession of arms was his; not his and hers. John the Baptist’s counsel was to real masculine soldiers. The Roman centurions were men, not an effeminate male and female amalgam with a T.V. MASH mentality which thinks war is “fun and games.”

Furthermore, our text requires the “giving of honor to the wife.” Christian husbands, and also our young unmarried men, have it their high and holy purpose to conform to this word of God, to honor and esteem all respectable women, including our covenant daughters. This New Testament law means more than that the husband is to honor his wife with proper support (in the sense of I Timothy 5:17). He is also to honor her as a co-heir of the grace of life. This means he is supposed to have a Christian wife with proper support (in the sense of I Timothy 5:17). He is also to honor her as a co-heir of the grace of life. This means he is supposed to have a Christian wife, and not be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever. He is to honor her as a Christian, as a child of God, as a daughter of the Father and Lord Almighty. Every Christian man must have honor and respect for all Christian women, and especially now today for Christian young unmarried women. Does the Christian man do this if he does not oppose the draft registration of women? Goes he show this honor when in all these God-denying issues he cannot say, We (I) must obey God rather than men? It is not honoring to women to make them equal to men, and then on that basis, as it may soon come to, to conscript young mothers with small children and unmarried daughters as well. This dishonors the weaker vessel. The ERA and all that it stands for is an insult to God and to the Christian woman. The principles of feminism are demeaning to all womankind. The socialist’s equalizing and levelling process is of the human race, and men, downward to the level of women. That propounded by N.O.W., the National Organization of Women, does not “honor the wife,” or any woman; and these groups advocate women will one day come to see to be their loss, and that they shall have lost more than they shall have gained, or ever could regain. Men who back these ungodly family-destroying principles do not love their wives, nor their daughters; do not love them because Christ loves them, do not honor Christian women because they love Christ.

So Christian women are to be honored, whether married or single; honored as the weaker vessel, not with some mythical “equality.” The Christian woman counts it an honor to be divinely appointed to a place of submission to the headship of the man. The Christian woman also is in the office of believer. She is a king, but not just as much as the man. She is such in the man and under the headship of the man. She has not “equal right” to rule. She is a prophet(ess), but not over against the man. She does not have the right to preach or to usurp authority over the man. The ecclesiastical office is not hers, according to the divine order. They insult the women of the Church who teach otherwise. Nor is the military office hers. To take it is to rebel against God and usurp authority over the man. She is not qualified to be a military leader. How in the world dare our armed forces entrust a real combat unit to the leadership of a female general! Where is there one woman who is a competent military leader? one who could effectively command men under the stress and crisis of the battlefield? Such women look like dogs walking on their hind legs. it is difficult nowadays to find a real man for a military leader. Where is there a dynamic personality like General Patton? Men fight better than women. Men fight better without the presence of women. Ignore or deny this fact and the result can be in the horrors of the battlefield demoralization and disaster.

So of late we’ve been pestered with “women’s lib” thinking; now with all kinds of war talk. Women and war is getter to mean “women in war.” Ours “is the only country in the world where women are being pushed toward the battlefield.” So far from honoring womankind, this rather shows contempt for the woman and hatred for God and His word. Nevertheless, God has sovereignly determined the place of the woman in the church, in the world and in her relation to the man. The principles of scripture as they apply to the latest trends of evil must be obeyed and upheld, whatever the cost. The exalted position that the Lord has given the woman is threatened as never before. She is an heir of the grace of life. The enemy is stranger to that favor of God. The enemy inherits everlasting flames. But in that grace of life, all Christian men and women are equal. Nothing can change that, war or no war. Then let us have no other rule but the Word of Christ.