Why Did I Become Protestant Reformed?

 “When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.” Psalm 27:8. 

“Turn thou me, and I shall be turned; for thou are the Lord my God”.  Jer. 31:18b 

These texts in Scripture are very beautiful to me because they are the words I searched for in order to express why I became Prot­estant Reformed.

Just recently I heard the trite remark, “I don’t really belong to any church in particular. I guess it is because I haven’t found one that suits me as an individual.”

My answer can only be understood in a spiritual way. I did not choose to become Protestant Reformed. I did not go around sniffing in the doors of a number of churches and then proclaim, “Aha! This is the one for me! This one brings out my individuality!” If that had been the case I would have passed on to another door. Why? Because in every way Protestant Reformed preaching goes against my flesh and nature. My nature wants to take the easy way out. It wants to say:

  1. God is all-loving with a love for all men and wants all men to love Him.
  2. I am my own interpreter of Scripture. I can tolerate anyone that differs from me. After all, we are going to the same place because all that really mat­ters is if he has a profession of faith in God, too.
  3. Last week I did this and that and this for the Lord. But I could have never done it unless He helped me.
  4. That is the whole problem. Our church is becoming so modern. We really need to back up a little and become a little stricter. That would really solve every­thing.

No, my flesh does not like to say that I am totally corrupt, I can do no good thing, and my salvation is all of God.

In a little over two years my whole life has been changed. What I believed and professed, my friends, my activities, and my attitude are that of a new person. Now I love a preaching that before I could only hate. Now, I cannot hear enough of election and reprobation, God’s covenant for His people, and God’s love for His people only. They are a comfort to me and cause my heart to sing when I hear them or read of them.

No, I did not choose to become Protestant Reformed. Instead, I believe I was sent. My heart was turned and my eyes were opened unto understanding by the powerful, irresistible grace of God.

Oh, Lord my God! This thing thou hast done unto me it is so beautiful!