Who’s Out of Focus?

Who’s Out of Focus?
By Daniel R. Seagren
Baker Book House, 103 pages, $1.50
Who’s Out of Focus? by Daniel Seagren is a book written in conversational form, divided into three parts. Part one deals with life on the campus, and includes twelve conversations, each two pages long. Part two presents ten dialogues concerning life around the house. The last part consists of sixteen conversations which speak of the establishment. Its purpose is to prevent “fuzzy” thinking and cause youth to arrive at conclusions based on God’s Word. It discusses such issues as campus reform, drugs, race differences, movies, and drinking, the same issues Protestant Reformed young people discuss at societies, retreats, and conventions. But we certainly don’t use the same approach as does the author. We open the Bible, and say, “This is God’s Word and this is our basis for believing what we do.” We don’t want such sensational titles as “Basketball for Jesus” or “Beat the Heat with Pastor Pete.” We want the truth directly from God’s Word, not in dialogues portraying sin and finally ending with no conclusion drawn.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 2 April 1970