Who is Thankful?

It was supper time at the Tentcon family home. Dong, dong, dong… The clock chimed six times, and with that the Tentcon children hurried to their places at the table. After Mr. Tentcon opened with prayer, Mrs. Tentcon began to pour hot oatmeal into everyone’s bowl. The steam rose from the food, and made a sharp contrast with the cold wind that was swirling just outside the walls of their house.

“Warm oatmeal really hits the spot on these winter nights,” commented Mr. Tentcon.

Everyone nodded in agreement, except baby John who was too busy trying to get his spoon into his mouth. Even the wind seemed to answer as it howled still louder. The sound made them shiver, and they were glad they were all safe and warm inside.


            It was supper time at the Dygree family home. Ding, ding, ding… The timer on the oven rang until Mrs. Dygree turned it off. Then she very carefully took out a nicely browned roast, and put the roast, potatoes, vegetables and a salad all on the table.

As the children came to their places, one of them mumbled, “I hate carrots,” while another one sighed and said, “It’s such a hot day, do we have to eat a hot meal, too?”

Mr. and Mrs. Dygree gave warning glances to their children, and then settled in at the table with them. After giving everyone his helping of the food, the parents dug into the meal with relish. The children, however, dawdled and waited until their food was cold.

Just then a cool breeze came through the dining room window.

“Ah, just what we need,” commented Mr. Dygree when he felt the breeze. But it was already cold inside.