Who Cares What Style They Wear?

Everybody wears clothes.  Everybody wears different kinds of clothes for different reasons.  Teenagers especially like to experiment with the new fashions to be “in.”  But the emphasis put on fashion these days is bad for American teenagers.

True, fashion today helps people express themselves—even makes them express their personality.  Certain clothes show how much or how little a person cares about his looks.  Some people dress for success and get it.  Fashion emphasis does make most teens dress more nicely.  More kids care about how they look, which is important.  For example, almost everyone here at Covenant dresses nicely and looks good.

But clothes these days aren’t cheap to buy.  Obtaining the all-important new styles gets very expensive.  Teens and parents soon find their pockets empty because the kids just “have to have” that new outfit, shoes or jacket.

Although some fashions compel students to dress nicer, many so-called styles that are “in” today make kids look sloppy.  Those torn jeans and jackets and wrinkled clothes can be more expensive than the dress pants and sweaters that most students at Covenant wear.  Teenagers are seen on T.V., in the malls and on the street wearing those “rebel clothes” that look like they just went through a war.

Teens want to have the “in” fashions that the people on T.V. and in magazines wear.  Their friends buy new clothes and they want to keep up with the new look.  Soon, the importance of clothes to teenagers leads to covetousness, jealousy and competition between fellow teens and peers.  All of those are bad in kids’ lives.  Christians know that the Bible warns about the sins of jealousy and covetousness.

With all the competition going on, kids give in to peer pressure.  In the American society, especially with kids in high school, peer pressure is ever-present.  If someone doesn’t dress the right way or is slightly unstylish according to someone’s opinion, he gets ridiculed and mocked.  Some people will make judgments about him behind his back or in whispers as he walks by.  This is wrong.  Someone shouldn’t get a reputation for being queer just because he dresses a little differently from everyone else.

Such things shouldn’t occur, but they do, because of the importance put on style and fashion these days.  It’s okay for teens to keep up with the styles if they want to, or have the money for it, but it isn’t really that important what people wear.  Everybody wears different types of clothes.  Who cares what style they wear?