Whatsoever Things are Pure

“Did you hear the latest?”

“No, what?”

“Well, Joe and Sherri got engaged last week and they are getting married next week; draw your own conclusion.”

“O well, it happens to a lot of kids.”

Does that little gossiping conversation make you laugh or maybe smile? Or maybe you think that it is an exaggeration. This sort of conversation is neither cute nor an exaggeration. Besides being gossip, the above quote demonstrates a wrong view of the sin of adultery. The situation nor the comments are unreal, both are com­mon place in the world today.

Any Christian who pays any attention to the world about him cannot help but be struck and nauseated by the constant heavy emphasis on sex. Young people today are told that the new morality is the thing to follow, situation ethics will guide you to do the right thing. Absolute values do not exist; you must do whatever is right in that particular situation. So it naturally follows that if you love each other very much and you intend to get married any­way, then fornication is not wrong — in fact it is something to be enjoyed.

Sound familiar, young people? From every side we are bombarded with the sex ideal, with the “go all the way” philosophy. Virginity is a thing of the past as is “thou shall not commit adultery’.” After all, it is a real big thing to come in after a date and “brag” about how aggressive you or your date was.

Christian young people, we are called to tow a very different, antithetical line in this regard. God’s Word says, “Whatsoever things are pure . . . think on these things” (Phil. 4:8). This means that we do not uproariously laugh at “shady jokes,” neither do we flaunt the idea of sex as a primary factor in dates and marriage. We are com­manded to be pure.

Purity is a most beautiful attribute of God. The idea of purity includes holiness, something undefiled and perfectly clean. Silver is tried by fire; the impurities are all burned away and all that is left is pure silver. The perfect purity of God we are called to reflect.

Purity of thought, purity of life, purity of action are all intertwined with our dating life. We are so much bombarded with the world’s philosophy of sex that we are beguiled by it. God demands that we as young people refrain from fornication and adultery. This means more than not getting pregnant (for with the modem contracep­tives of today that is no longer the prob­lem); it means to be pure — to refrain from the act of fornication completely. In order to do this young people must be very wise to keep out of situations which may lead to impurity of action. For to go in this direction is not in line with “whatsoever things are pure.”

For girls, this very concretely means that we do not attract young guys by ex­posing our bodies or by making up as a seducing girl of the world. Guys no longer then will use sexiness as a grading factor in looking for a girl to date. For our bodies are temples of the Hilly Spirit and not mere sex magnets. God created male and female and the true meaning of this beautiful wonder will find rightful expres­sion — after marriage. To commit the sin of fornication is a desecration of the body created for us.

Purity is an inner beauty which we pray that God may increase within us so that we may reflect it more in our dating and everyday life. In sincerity, we ask our God, “Help me to present my body a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto Thee” (Romans 12:1).