What is the Federation of Young People?

The Federation Board is an organization governed by the Word of God as interpreted in the Three Forms of Unity. On that foundation, we as a Board seek to enable all Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies to work in close unity, to guide these societies so they develop in faith and doctrine, and to give united expression to our specific Protestant Reformed character.

The Federation Board meets the first Sunday of each month to discuss and vote on various matters of importance concerning the young people. Major items on the agenda often include decisions for and oversight over the Beacon Lights and the annual Young People’s Convention.

Delegates at the Young People’s Convention recently voted on new Board members for this year. The delegates voted for Joshua Engelsma, Vice-President; Elizabeth Noorman, Librarian; Rebecca Koole, Vice-Secretary; Scott Mingerink, Vice-Treasurer; Rev. A. Lanning and Rev. R. Van Overloop, Spiritual Advisors. Members on their second term are Ryan Barnhill, President; Emily Kuiper, Secretary; Ben Rau, Treasurer; Joel Langerak, Youth Coordinator.

As a Board, we recognize our inability to perform the tasks at hand without the wisdom and grace that only God is able to give. We covet your prayers. Pray that we might have the wisdom of God to direct all of our decisions and efforts, to the end that he is glorified. The time of youth is a critical time for spiritual growth, and so we ask that you pray that we be tools in God’s hand to build and strengthen the young people of our denomination.