What About the Children?

Now that I have become just a little bit older than most of you, it seems that my point of view has changed just a little. Or maybe it is simply the fact that I have become a parent, and all of the responsibilities and duties that go along with that important God-given calling are crowding in around me, making me more aware of the needs of children. But no matter, because what we are about to consider together is important for all of us, not just those who are parents.

In fact, you may find that you feel much the same way I do. Since we are all of the household of faith, it follows that our concern and feelings for and toward children would be the same.

In today’s world, there seems to be an ever widening exploitation of children, and this exploitation does not always have a good result on the development and growth of the child. Today’s children are aided by an almost from birth bombardment of different stimuli. In fact, today’s children may very well be the brightest children in history. But what is this world doing to them, and what are they being turned into?

For one thing, it seems that today’s child is expected to grow up much quicker than he or she had to in the past. We see signs of this around us every day, perhaps so much so that most of it escapes our attention.

Take the whole area of the school for one example. Now I know that it could be me, but it seems that today’s children on an average learn more difficult things than I ever had to. I was not the world’s greatest student, it just seems that today’s second and third graders seem to be far more advanced than I was when I was in those grades.

Not only that, but take the whole area of sports. It seems like each year those who participate in sports programs at the world class level get younger and younger. You notice this especially in the areas of swimming and gymnastics, where the contestants quite often are just into their early teens. And remember, to become a world class gymnast, at say age 13, takes years of practice.

Not only that, but it seems that children catch on to games and amusements so much quicker. I for one, still haven’t figured out how to play computer baseball, while children who are one third my age seem to have no trouble with it at all.

I have also known an eight-year-old who not only learned quite a few of the ends and outs of chess after just a couple of games, but went on to teach others in the family the game. How do they do it? Or is it just me?

As I heard it said by one individual recently, “Is society taking the child out of children as it has taken the Christ out of Christmas?”

Today’s child is not only expected to grow “old” much sooner, but the world also expects the child to play the role of sex objects; for example, in advertising. Children are made the villains in horror movies and novels. And there is also the stomach-turning child pornography industry in this country which is gradually beginning to expose itself. There are also the child murders, most notably the 33 young men who were murdered by John Gacy in Chicago in 1977, and the 27 young people who have been found murdered by a killer or killers unknown in Atlanta.

There is nothing so wonderful as the love that is shared between a child and parent. There is just so much that binds them together that there are no words with enough meaning which could really express it. It has to be experienced to really be understood.

Speaking for myself, it is just a wonder of God’s love, that I thank Him for daily, that He has allowed me to experience the joys of parenthood. And just let me say in passing that what really overwhelms me is that God’s love for me, and you and all of His children is infinitely greater than my love for my children.

But knowing within myself how I feel towards my children, it is truly hard for me to fathom the corrupt soul of the world that seemingly hates children. All of the evidence points to that one fact, the world hates its children. There is a word for this type of person, he is called a misopedist. I will be the first to admit that that word is not exactly a household word yet. But I am afraid that its meaning affects every household, every neighborhood, and every community in our nation.

Misopedia can be defined as the abnormal hatred of children. And there is a shocking epidemic of it running through this nation of ours.

These stories can quite really make us sick. It seems to be the one area that can still get a reaction from us. We have become a shockproof nation almost across the criminal board, with the exception of crimes against children.

We turn our eyes from the T.V. news when a beaten and battered child is shown. We find it almost impossible to read more than just a few lines of any account in our newspapers that involves a sordid crime committed against a child without getting sick to our stomachs.

We get that horrible sinking feeling when we hear the radio report another case of a missing child. When we read or hear about children murdered, raped, abused, or starved, the bile in the pit of our stomach sours.

There is so much more that could be said. If one just looks at the facts and figures that are kept on all of these crimes, the immense size of the problem begins to come into view.

Once again, we see all too clearly the evidence of the total corrupt state man finds himself in. He is completely given over to sin and all his thoughts and actions are only evil.

These crimes against children have always been with us, but never to this large an extent. Man is sinking ever lower and lower into the mire that he has made this world.

No doubt having received children from the hand of God makes me more aware of the danger that can befall them, and there is nothing that makes me angrier than the thought of someone hurting them.

Our world is about to fill up its cup with sin. Ask yourself, how long will God allow it to continue?