What a Protestant Reformed Christian School Education Means to Me

To be honest, I have attended a school such as ours for the last eight years for the simple reason, that was where my parents sent me. But in looking over these years, I realize the necessity of a Protestant Reformed Christian School education.

Our school is the third of a unity; it is a continuation of my home and church, because what I hear at home from my parents and what I hear preached by our ministers on Sunday and taught in Catechism, the same is taught by my teachers.

It is a fact that a teacher consciously and sub-consciously imparts her beliefs to her pupils. So, the Sovereignty of God is brought out in all my subjects because I have truly Protestant Reformed teachers. I am not taught the Sovereignty of God by my ministers and parents and then go to school and hear about the “free will” of man or God’s so-called “common grace” nor atheism. No, my instruction is in harmony with the Word of God as instructed in my home and in my church.

My friends in school are my friends in catechism and will be later my friends in society life. I am thankful my friends are Protestant Reformed since they are such great influences.

When I was baptized, my parents promised to bring me up in this doctrine, and now I can see they are fulfilling their vows and promise, for God in His grace has privileged me with a Protestant Reformed Christian School education to supplement all my other means of education.

Next year I will be in the 9th grade. As yet we have no Protestant Reformed High School. I will have to attend a high school where the education is not distinctively Reformed but is primarily Christian Reformed. I know I will be thankful that I have been prepared, and that by God’s grace, through the means of a Protestant Reformed Christian School education.

 -Mary Beth is in the 8th Grade Hope Prot. Ref. School