Western Protestant Ref. Young Peoples’ Convention

It was a day to be remembered!  It was a day in which the youth of the Western Protestant Reformed Churches gathered together in Christian fellowship.

Our Convention was held in our Hull Church.  In the afternoon of March 20, Rev. J. Blankespoor, our president, presided at our usual meeting.  We began our meeting with an inspirational song service followed by a musical number from our Hull Society.

Rev. Vos delivered an instructive and edifying speech on a practical subject, namely, “Friends”, based on James 2:23 and James 4:4.  This was followed by a lively discussion on the topic “Proper Partners”.  The discussion was opened with the question “Why Marry?”  The reply: Even God is not one—He is Three in one.  Marriage is the picture of God and His Church.  All true marriage is based upon the love of God.  All other is sin—adultery.  Rev. Vos made it clear that the height of that love is that we may be copies or shadows of the everlasting God.

Besides spiritual nourishment, this convention also provided physical nourishment in a form of a banquet at six o’clock.  We were hailed by a room beautifully decorated in green and white, reminding us of spring, when God gives the earth new life.  Heartily, we all partook of the delicious meal the ladies of our Hull Church had prepared.

Our evening program consisted of musical numbers by Rock Valley and Sioux Center societies.  A debate, Resolved, “That Movies are a Power for Good for Education” followed.  However, the discussion of it dealt more with the question whether the movies were sinful or not.  Smiles were seen and giggles were heard because of some of the witty remarks of those that gave voice in the discussion.  It was made clear that movies were given to us from God and He certainly demands us to use them to His glory.  The sin lies not in the movies, but in man’s heart.

Bill Mantel of our Doon Society then favored us with a chalk drawing and our Rock Valley Society with a musical number.  We then enjoyed slides shown by Mrs. M. Grundy, sister of Rev. Petter, on her work as missionary among the heathens of India.

Our meeting was then closed with prayer, thanking the Lord for His goodness.  May God continue to bless our societies.