We Serve God — Why?

It is a very personal but nevertheless pertinent question, why do we serve God? Young man sitting in your barracks, out in bivouac, or sleeping in your pup tent, lying prone in the mud or walking guard at some training post, or crouching in your foxhole on the battlefield while missiles of death screech and burst and blast over your head.

Young man or young lady, whoever you may be and wherever you may be, at home, at school, in your office or in your place of occupation.

Tell me, why do you serve God?

Do you serve God for nothing?


One Angle:

The Devil once found occasion to ask this question concerning a person of whom God has said, that there was none like him on the earth, a perfect and upright man, one who feared God and eschewed evil.  To which the devil made repartee: Does Job fear God for nothing?

He insinuated that Job regarded it as a paying proposition to serve God, and that would hold for even less upright men than Job.  Job lived a sheltered life of ease, he had riches and honor and most everything which a man could desire.  And being steeped in luxury, why should he not serve God? If it pays to serve God who would not adopt that utilitarian principle? But who would be so foolish as to serve God for nothing? People in this world never do anything for nothing.  Put forth Thy hand now and touch all that he has, and he will curse Thee to Thy face.

It was a wicked challenge.  A slanderous accusation against the man Job, as if Job did actually serve God out of selfish motives.  A blasphemous charge against God also; as if God’s people were motivated by nothing else than selfish greed, lust, covetousness.  His answer lies the question.  The devil answers: No, God’s people do not serve God for nothing


Another Angle:

But how about you? When you find yourself confused by the havoc and turmoils of warfare, when your heart bleeds over the departure of one who is dear to you, who will be long absent and whose present safety is very uncertain, do you serve God for nothing? You who know what it is to be lonesome, heartsick with anxiety and fears, who took your Bible along with you with the intention of reading it and of serving God just as you did at home.  Do you serve God for nothing?

Don’t you hear rattlers?  The hissing tongue dripping with hell’s venom? What good does it do, what advantage is there in it, what is the sense of it, and what do you get out of it?

Why piously choke your emotions and passions, why isolate yourself from others and make yourself the scorn of everybody? Do you not have troubles enough as it is?  Be a good sport, have a good time, go along with the crowd, enjoy yourself to the full.  WHY serve God for nothing?

God curse you, devil! Get thee behind me.  I do not serve God for earthly gain or profit, neither do I worship God out of the selfish motive that it pays.

My answer is, YES, I serve God for nothing.


And Still Another Angle

For nothing? For nothing at all? Is there then no advantage whatever in serving Him?  Is there no reward, no crown, no gain; is it all vain?

Then God would certainly have good reason to be ashamed of being called our God for after all, what then does He do for His people who trust in Him and serve Him? But no, He has prepared a city which has foundations, an inheritance incorruptible in the heavens.  We know that all the sufferings of this present time are not to be compared to the glory which is waiting for us.  And our light affliction which lasts but for a moment works an eternal weight of glory.  We behold the things which are not seen, and we live in hope.  Though we lost all in this present life we gain all in heaven.  Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.  Serve God for gain? From that viewpoint, never.


The Sum of the Matter:

But is it possibly true after all that we serve God for gain of some kind or the other? Is THAT the kind of people that God has? Is that true service of love to God? Is that pleasing in God’s sight?

If that be the case, all our religion and worship is vain and unworthy of God, it is sin of the worst sort in the sight of God.  Yet we know that faith, true faith is God’s own work of grace in us.  By grace we are saved, through faith, and that is not of us, but is a gift of God.

God rewards that faith with eternal life, but His reward is a reward of grace, on the merit of His own work in us and for us.

Love to Him, the God of all grace, banishes all selfishness, and destroys all covetousness in us and causes us to love Him solely for His Name’s sake.

He has taught us that to live apart from Him is death.  It is good for us to see His face.  God is our God Whom to know is eternal life, the fullness of all blessedness.

I’ll serve Him because He is the living God.  Yes, having Him, I’ll serve Him for nothing.