Watching Daily At My Gates

August 1 Read Romans 7:1-11; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:5

Here in this article we see that the Ten Commandments are not the way to salvation. However, their work is important. They show to us our sin, and as Scripture states, they lead us to Christ. Our obedience to the law will not give to us salvation. The Canons wish to make it abundantly clear that Christ is the only remedy for sin. Our works, even the works of keeping the law, do not obtain for us salvation. As we live in this world, we must see that nothing that we can perform will give to us eternal life. As we live, let us look unto Christ the author and finisher of our faith. Sing Psalter 42:1, 2, 5, & 6.

August 2 Read Romans 8:1-7; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:6

Finally we find the source of our salvation! People of God, do you put all of your trust in Christ? Young people, do you live a life of Christ and in Christ? Here in this short article we find the way God ordained to give to those whom He has chosen from all eternity eternal life. Salvation is in Christ through the operation of the Holy Spirit. The good news of the gospel, as it is proclaimed each week. shows to us the way to the Father. He has gathered His church from both the old and new dispensations. Are we thankful? Do we show we are thankful by our lives? Sing Psalter 391.

August 3 Read Acts 1:1-8; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:7

It is popular in many public events to sing God Bless America. This article shows that this cannot or will not ever happen. God does not bless one nation in the new dispensation. God gathers His people from every tribe, tongue, and race. No one nation can claim Him as their God. Those who have been washed by the blood of the Lamb must acknowledge the greatness of their salvation. They must not also try to discover the reason why God saves some and condemns others. Let us ask God’s blessing upon us and upon those faithful churches which proclaim the pure Word of the gospel. Upon them and them only does God’s blessing rest. Sing Psalter 174.

August 4 Read Ezekiel 36:21-28; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:8

Here we have the working out of God’s plan of salvation. God has called a certain number of people to be saved. Those whom He has called will be saved. Of that there is no doubt. Nothing man can do will change that number. There are two facts which arise out of this truth. First of all we must preach the gospel to the nations believing that the called ones will be gathered. Secondly we must know that not all will ever be saved or have the possibility to be saved. The third point of Calvinism is limited atonement. Here we see that truth. Let us proclaim the gospel knowing that those who are called will come. Sing Psalter 170.

August 5 Read Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:9

The Scripture reading for today as well as the explaining article indicate to us that God is not at fault when some do not receive His Word. God’s way of salvation is all powerful. It will do its work in the hearts of those whom He has prepared. Let us receive that Word with thankfulness, let us live our daily lives out of that Word, and let us praise God from whom all blessings flow. Sing Psalter 239.

August 6 Read I Peter 2:6-12; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:10

Quickly the fathers want to make sure that we do not become full of pride and claim for ourselves credit for our salvation. This is a natural reaction to the error that they were combating. Men want credit for what they do. Listen to conversations of many people. How many times do the words I or me appear in that conversation? How about ourselves? Are we any different? We are nothing; God is everything. This must be our attitude and guiding light as we live in this world. Sing Psalter 352.

August 7 Read Psalm 101; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:11

Here in this article we see the whole of the actions of God in His people. He takes a dead stick and causes it to live. And not only does it live, it brings forth good fruit. As we sit under the preaching of the Word today, let us see that the preaching is the means of grace which brings us to salvation. Let us see that the preaching feeds our hungry souls in order that we may bring forth those good works. Let us concentrate on that word and know that this is God’s blessed way for us. Take time today and every day to meditate on that Word. Let us begin the eternal rest which will be ours in heaven. Sing Psalter 271.

August 8 Read John 3:1-8; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:12

Today’s reading is one that is well-known and often misinterpreted. Jesus was preaching the gospel to both Nicodemus and us. Do we see the true gospel in this text? Or, are we like others who see a God who loves all men? The fathers at Dordt saw regeneration being preached in John 3, do we? Sing Psalter 357.

August 9 Read John 3:9-21; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:13

The work of the Holy Spirit concerning our salvation is a mystery to God’s people. But yet God gives to us the assurance that that work will accomplish its goal to bring His people eternal life. In the Scripture for today Jesus sent Nicodemus to the Scriptures to learn what it says about the way of salvation. He also sends us to the Scriptures to learn about that way. People of God, are you going? Young people, do your use your Bibles daily? Let us go to God’s Word and listen to all that He has revealed to us. Let us be satisfied with the knowledge that is revealed there. Sing Psalter 325.

August 10 Read Philippians 2:5-13; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:14

Once again the fathers come back to the truth that salvation is by grace alone. This truth of the reformation was under attack at Dordt. This truth of the reformation is under attack in the church world today. Because that truth is under attack, the Bible is under attack. As we learned yesterday the Bible holds for us those truths which God has seen fit to impart to us concerning salvation. Today’s article contains one of those truths. If we do not believe that faith is a gift from God, we do not believe God’s way of salvation. If we do not believe God‘s way to salvation, we will have no comfort in this life and the life to come. Believe, people of God, and receive rest for your souls. Sing Psalter 358.

August 11 Read I Timothy 2:1-6; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:15

People of God, what is your conception of God? This is an important question as it relates to the subject of the Canons. If we consider God less powerful than He is, we will expect to have something to do with our salvation. If we by our actions bring God down to our level, we will try to save ourselves. If we by our actions or our words make light of God’s sovereignty, we will not give to Him the credit due to our salvation. God is God! Of that there is no doubt. Because He is God, we must place all of our trust in Him for salvation and its benefits. Remember this, people of God, and you will have no doubt of your salvation. Sing Psalter 266.

August 12 Read Colossians 3:1-7; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:16

Here we see two truths. First of all we have plunged ourselves into ruin. The Canons remind us of this in order that we do not begin to look at ourselves as creatures of worth by nature. In the world in which we live, this is a common error. Secondly, we must see that God took our corrupt nature and changed it by His power into a nature which is spiritually restored. This was done by the work of our elder Brother upon the cross. This was done that we may live and show forth His glory each and every day. Let us remember these two truths as they are part of our salvation. Sing 23.

August 13 Read Colossians 3:12-17; Canons of Dordt 3 & 4:17

This is an excellent article to read and reread as we prepare for the coming Sabbath Day. Tomorrow we will sit under the means of grace. We will sit under that means which God has ordained to give to us the salvation wrought in Christ. Are we prepared to use that means? Are we looking forward to those means? By the preaching of the Word and the sacraments, we receive great assurance of our salvation. Let us prepare ourselves to begin the eternal Sabbath as we worship tomorrow. Sing Psalter 349.

August 14 Read Romans 8:28-35; Canons of Dordt 5:1

We begin the final section of this great creed. Here we come to the fifth point of the doctrine of Calvinism or TULIP: Perseverance or Preservation of the Saints. This is a most comforting doctrine to the people of God as we live in this sin filled world. The text that we read for today also provides us with that comfort. Reread verse 28 again. Notice all things work for our good! For what else could we hope? Someday this evil world will be destroyed, and we will live in harmony with all the saints in heaven. But for now we know that God will care for us. What a blessed comfort! Sing Psalter 293.

August 15 Read Colossians 3:8-13; Canons of Dordt 5:2

People of God, we must be a praying people. God has given to us this manner of communication with Him for our comfort in our salvation. If we could not go to our heavenly Father for this comfort, we would be miserable. There would be no purpose for us to live on this earth. We know our condition. It is terrible. But because we can pray for deliverance from our sins, we will be comforted by the answer which comes from God. As we begin our work week, let us remember to seek God in prayer and let us do that often. Sing Psalter 385.

August 16 Read Jude 20-25; Canons of Dordt 5:3

Every time we are reminded of our sin and misery, we would be in despair if that is as far as we go. But God does not leave us in that state. Our faithful God, Creator, and Father cares for us, loves us, and stays with us. Just as a child who might be lost in the wilderness finds himself in hopelessness, so we who are in the wilderness of this world of sin feel hopeless without the love of the Father. Let us pray for His care and rest assured that He will care for us. We know this because He is a faithful God and will not leave us. Sing Psalter 202.

August 17 Read James 1:12-16; Canons of Dordt 5:4

It is a known fact that even the people of God fall into sin and even into very grievous sins. As we saw in the article even David and Peter fell. Because of the old man of sin in us, we are prone by nature to sin. The article also tells us that we must by prayer and meditation on God’s Word fight against the tendency to fall into sin. When we fail to pray and meditate, it is more likely that we will fall. Let us fight against the old man of sin, and let us do that by the means given to us by our faithful covenant heavenly Father. Sing Psalter 83.

August 18 Read James 1:17-21; Canons of Dordt 5:5

Sin is not a light manner. Sin against the holy God is very offensive. We may not live lives of “sowing wild oats.” We must not have the attitude that we “sin that grace may abound.” No, we must flee from sin. We must avoid it by using that which God has given to us. When we fall into sin, we will lose that assurance that we have of our salvation. We will feel destitute and lost. When we fall into sin, we must seek repentance. This repentance only comes from God. Let us confess our sins to God and seek the repentance which brings the blessed assurance which is by grace alone. Sing Psalter 106.

August 19 Read James 1:22-27; Canons of Dordt 5:6

What a comfort this article is to the people of God! Go ahead; read it again. God does not leave us in despair. Our merciful God will not allow us to plunge ourselves into utter destruction. This is a comfort of the doctrine of election. This doctrine is not cold. This doctrine is warm and full of God’s love for His people. Even though it may appear that the Holy Spirit has left us, He has not! Jesus in John 14 tells us that He will not leave us comfortless. What a blessing this is! What a comfort! Thanks be to God! Sing Psalter 149.

August 20 Read Psalm 32:1-5; Canons of Dordt 5:7

In the next few days we will read the Psalms penned by David after his fall into sin with Bathsheba and events which followed. These are Holy Spirit inspired writings. These are proofs that the Holy Spirit does not leave the elect even when they grievously fall. These Psalms are just not for David. They are for us. They chronicle our life experiences. We, too, must lift our voices in praise to the God who delivers us from all sin and evil. Sing Psalter 140.

August 21 Read Psalm 32:6-11; Canons of Dordt 5:8

We, like David, deserve to fall completely out of favor with God. We, like David, deserve all the punishments of hell for our evils in this life. But God in his rich mercy rescues us before we fall away. There is nothing that we can do to save ourselves. There is nothing that we can do to rescue ourselves from the quicksand that is sin. Of ourselves we would perish. It is only by God’s grace that we are rescued. It is only by the work of Christ on the cross that we are saved. As we enter His presence in worship today, let us thank Him for the salvation that He freely gives us. Let us consider our ways, confess our sins, and seek the repentance which only He can give. Let us use this Lord’s day aright. Sing Psalter 141.

August 22 Read Psalm 51:1-6; Canons of Dordt 5:9

What a comfort it is to know that we will never be lost. This article shows to us the goodness of our heavenly Father. Not only has He elected us to eternal life. Not only has He provided the way to eternal life namely His Son. But He has also provided to us the comfort in this life that we will receive eternal life as well as the other accompanying spiritual benefits. He does this by the faith that He alone provides for us. People of God, as we walk through this valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil because He is with us. Sing Psalter 53.

August 23 Read Psalm 51:7-13 Canons of Dordt 5:10

After David was convicted of His sin by Nathan he knew he needed the help that comes only from one source. That source was God. As we study Psalms 32 and 51, we can see the path along which God led not only David but also each of us. God does not leave us in our misery. Not at all! God provides the way of comfort through the work of His Spirit as the Spirit of Christ. We can find in His Word much comfort. This is what we must do. We must study that Word, we must pray for the help of the Spirit, and we must rest assured that our covenant God will help us and give to us that comfort. Knowing that the spiritual victory is ours will give to us the peace that passes all understanding. Sing Psalter 143.

August 24 Read Psalm 51:14-19; Canons of Dordt 5:11

Part of the Lord’s Prayer states, “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” As we live in this world of sin; as we struggle with our own weaknesses and sin; we must constantly pray this prayer. As well as praying for this deliverance, we must also seek to find God’s word to us as He has given it to us in His Word. The Bible is replete with passages which will help us in our darkest hour. Just as Jesus Himself banished Satan with the words, “It is written.” So must we, too, banish our demons with those words. How can we know what is written unless we take time to study and discover what God tells us in His word? Let us daily search the Scriptures and find rest for our souls. Sing Psalter 333.

August 25 Read Psalm 54; Canons of Dordt 5:12

People of God, why must we do good works? Is it to procure for ourselves a place in glory? Is it to help God with our salvation? The answer to the last questions is a resounding NO! We do good works in thankfulness for the salvation freely given to us by God. We do good works out of the comfort that we gain from being preserved by almighty God. By doing good works we see that God has given to us salvation without our help. If we would for a minute believe that we could help, our wickedness would plunge us into despair because we know that even our best works are as filthy rags in His sight. Let us humble ourselves before mighty God, let us work out of the salvation that He was given to us. Sing Psalter152.

August 26 Read Romans 13:10-14; Canons of Dordt 5:13

We see in this article that we must carefully consider that salvation which God ordained for us. We must carefully consider that perseverance that He has provided for us. Why must we do this? We must do this in order that we continue to walk in that good way. If we disregard that which we have been given, the comfort obtained would be lost from consciousness. We would then slip into our wickedness again. We must carefully consider what God has given to us every day and know that without His help we would fall. Sing Psalter 159.

August 27 Read Psalm 119:9-16; Canons of Dordt 5:14

As we come to the end of this beautiful creed, we see the fathers once again pointing us to God’s Word. Young people, do you daily take that Word into your hands, read it, consider it, and take it into your hearts? There is nothing else which will provide for us the comfort and assurance that we need than what is found in the Bible. Even as we need physical food to sustain our physical body, we need the spiritual food of the Word to sustain our spiritual body. Read that word daily, meditate on it, and use it in your lives. Then prepare yourselves to make confession of faith so that you may use the other means of grace for your comfort and your assurance. Sing Psalter 322.

August 28 Read John 17:9-13; Canons of Dordt 5:15

As we end our meditation on the Canons and the beautiful truths found within them, we read that Christ at the end of His earthly life considered these doctrines for His bride the church. There are few that wish a sovereign God to preserve them for eternity. They want to have a part in it. This is the world in which we live. People of God of all ages, take time to consider these things, for in doing so you will become more and more assured of the blessed life to come which God has prepared for you. As we worship today, let us bring our gifts of thanks and lay them before Him. In this way we will be comforted and ready to face whatever Satan and his hosts have in store for us. Soli Deo Gloria! To God be the glory alone! Sing Psalter 362.

August 29 Read Psalm 1

Once again we turn to the Psalms for our daily meditation. The Psalms are inspired poetry for God’s people. Here we have songs of praise and songs of prayer. We are shown our sin and the deliverance from those sins. We are urged to put our trust in God. The first Psalm begins with the word blessed which has the idea of happiness in it. We are not happy because of any worldly pursuit. We are only happy when our delight is in the whole law of God. We are happy when we meditate in that law day and night. We must spend part of each day meditating on God’s law. For then and only then can we be truly happy. Sing Psalter 1.

August 30 Read Psalm 2

From the description of the happy man, we come to a Psalm which speaks of Christ. Our heavenly Father knows the trials that we go through. He knows that the wicked rage against us and are trying to destroy us. These same wicked tried to kill His Son. But the almighty sovereign God has decreed that no one would defeat His Son. Because His Son is not defeated, our salvation is sure. The Psalm closes with the word blessed. Who are the blessed ones? They are the ones who put their trust in the almighty sovereign God. Sing Psalter 4.

August 31 Read Psalm 3

Reread verse 5 again. People of God of all ages, we have no reason to fear as we lie down on our beds at night. With childlike trust we can know that God will care for us. Our little children can have that trust. Our young people can have that trust. Aged saint, do you have that trust? Do you trust that God will deliver you from all the evils of this day? Why can we have that trust? We can have that trust because salvation belongs to Jehovah. Our covenant God will care for us at all times. Notice the word blessing appears again in the last verse of this Psalm. We are truly a blessed people. Sing Psalter 5.


September 1 Read Psalm 4

Verse 3 states. “The Lord will hear when I call unto Him.” What a beautiful and comforting statement! When men call, not all who are called hear. When we call to Jehovah, He hears. It is as simple as that, He hears. And because He hears, He will answer our call. When we are in distress, when we lie upon beds of affliction, or when we are lonely; He hears us when we call unto Him. Not only does He hear us, but He will answer us. His answer will be good for us. It will be deliverance from whatever difficulty we may find ourselves. O, it may not be the deliverance which we expect, but it will be the deliverance which we need. Let us call upon our God knowing that He will hear us. Sing Psalter 7.

September 2 Read Psalm 5

Notice the similarities between this Psalm and the last one. The writer is being oppressed by enemies. He knows that he must cry unto God. In his cries he knows that God will answer. He asked God to lead him in God’s way which is the way of righteousness. People of God, we must do this as well. We must go to God and ask to be led in the straight path of righteousness which leads to eternal life. Because we know that God will defend us, we can break forth into joy. This joy can be expressed in singing the inspired Psalms of God. Because we are the people of God, He will bless us and protect us. Let us each and every day go to Him from whom all blessings flow. Sing Psalter 11

September 3 Read Psalm 6

Here we have a Psalm in which the author David seeks relief because of his sins. We do well to meditate upon this Psalm and learn that we, too, need this relief. David realizes that Satan and his host do battle against him each and every day. This is a realization which we must make about our lives. Satan fights hard. Because he fights hard, we will become weary. Without the help of our Father to strengthen our weaknesses, we will fall. David knows that God will hear his prayer. Do we know that, people of God? Is this our experience in this life. By God’s grace it will be, and we will be able to fight the battle of faith until we are delivered to the glories which will be ours in heaven. Sing Psalter 12.

September 4 Read Psalm 7:1-7

If you study the life of David, you can understand how and why he wrote many of these Psalms. These are the responses to the way God led him. In each of them we see how David grew in grace through the path on which he was led. But if we study the life of David and the Psalm more closely, we see more clearly that these Psalms are for us. They are what we need in the path on which we are led. We can learn how to pray more earnestly by such a study. As we attend church today, let us worship the God in whom only we can trust. Let us praise the God of our salvation with every song that we sing. Finally, let us live lives led by this Word until we are taken to glory. Sing Psalter 13:1-3.

September 5 Read Psalm 7:8-17

When it comes right down to it, we must see that judgment belongs to God. God will judge all men ourselves included. Because He is the righteous judge, we know that His judgments will be right. Not only is God our judge, He is also our defense against those who wish us to fall. He will give to the wicked the proper judgment and punishment. This affords to us comfort because we know without God’s grace we would receive the same judgment and punishment. Because Jehovah is righteous, we can sing His praises. Because He has saved us we will sing His praises. Because His judgment is right, we must sing His praises. Are we singing with all our being the praises of the righteous God? Sing Psalter 13:4-7.

September 6 Read Psalm 8

Here is one of those gems of Scripture! No matter how you hold it up to the light, it sparkles with the glory of God. When you line up all the names ever spoken upon this earth, God’s name is more excellent than any of them. We can see that when we examine the creation which is all around us. From each creature of the sea to the heavenly bodies, to the flowers of the field, we see the wonderful glory of Jehovah. What is man that God has concern for him? What is man that He sent the Son of man to save Him? Man is nothing compared to God, but in His loving kindness He cares for us and causes us to utter with our children “O Lord our Lord, how excellent is the name in all the earth!” Sing Psalter 15.

September 7 Read Psalm 9:1-11

What does it mean to us that the Lord will endure forever? Think about that for a minute. First of all it means that nothing else has or will endure forever. Only God is above time. But more importantly because He endures for ever we can rest assured that nothing is greater than He and that nothing can cause His decrees to fail. Because of this our salvation is sure. As the psalmist endured much in his life, as the church endures many enemies, each of them could know that that eternal God was greater than all that opposed them. This is our comfort. While it might seem that the wicked might win the battle, we know that God who endures forever will give to us the victory. Thanks be to our eternal God who preserves us by His grace. Sing Psalter 16:1-5.

September 8 Read Psalm 9:12-20

The second part of this Psalm continues the thought of the first part. We trust in a God who will care for us no matter what difficulties arise in our lives. Young people, as you go to school each day, you must learn to see that God does care for you and will help you in what ever difficulties arise in your lives. As you come into contact with more and more of the wicked world, you must see that God will help you. As your sins rise up against you, you must see that God will deliver you from sin and from Satan’s clutches. You must learn how to ask God for such deliverance. Your prayers must be to the God who will deliver you. This must guide you as you pray. For then your prayer will be acceptable unto God as they go through Jesus who is our mediator. Meditate on this and learn to pray the prayers that each child of God needs. Sing Psalter 16:6-9

September 9 Read Psalm 10:1-11

In verse 4 we read, “God is not in all his thoughts.” Could this be said of us? It is one thing to say that God is not in the thoughts of the wicked. But what about us? How do we live our lives? Young people, as you plan your activities for tonight, is God in your thoughts? Does the type of entertainment you chose, show that God is in your thoughts? Children, as you play on the playground, is God in your thoughts? Businessmen, is God in your thoughts as you make decisions about your work and relations with others? God must be in our thoughts in whatever we do. We must show that God is in our thoughts by our activities throughout the day and night. By meditating upon the Word of God we can more clearly put God in our thoughts and live sanctified lives. Sing Psalter 18:1-5.

September 10 Read Psalm 10:12-18

Jehovah is King forever! When God is in our thoughts, this will be our confession. When we acknowledge God as our King we will live lives with Him in the center. Do we do that? Have we thought much about God since last Sunday? Yes, I know we pray at meals and have our devotions. At least I hope these are our practices. But has God been in our thoughts since last Sunday? Have our daily lives reflected the fact that we acknowledge Him as King? Or have we made choices which have shown that we want to be king? Or have we made choices which showed that we ignored the King who reigns above? As we finish this week, and prepare to worship in God’s house, let us consider the fact that God is King forever in our lives. Sing Psalter 18:6-9.

September 11 Read Psalm 11

As we rest this Sabbath Day, let us remember that God is always in His temple. We enter His house today to worship Him, but we should always be worshiping Him. God sees us wherever we may be because the whole world is His. This is a great comfort for us. The righteous do not have to fear what the wicked may do. In history the church has not always been the refuge that it is today. In the future, as Antichrist approaches, it will not be that refuge either. But we need not fear; God’s eyes are beholding all men. God loves His righteous people. He will provide the refuge we need. As we go up to the house of God, let us consider these things, and let us resolve more and more to live a new and holy life. Sing Psalter 20.

September 12 Read Psalm 12

As we begin another school and work week, let us consider more closely the words of verses 3 and 4. What will we do with our mouths today? Children, how will you speak about the adults in your lives? What will you say about your classmates? Will you lie about those around you or about yourselves? Young people, what proud words will you speak? Will you curse God to show how great you are? Adults, have your resolved to guard your tongues? While these words were penned because the wicked were oppressing David, they apply to us as well. As James says the tongue is a little member, but it can cause big things to happen. As we begin this week, let us pray that God will help us guard our tongues, and that we can use them in His service. Sing Psalter 21.

September 13 Read Psalm 13

Reread that first question in this text. The answer is simple but yet full of comfort. Our heavenly Father will never forget us. This is the truth we learned of in the last head of the Canons. The truth of preservation of the saints assures us that God will never forget us. What a blessed truth that is! No matter what situation we find ourselves, God will never forget us. No sickness, no pain, or no suffering can take us away from the love of God. If we lie on a bed of affliction, we can rest assured that God will remember us. Because we can trust in our covenant God, we can and must praise Him for the salvation which He has prepared for us. Let us remember to always sing unto God because of His goodness. Sing Psalter 22.

September 14 Read Psalm 14

The first six verses of this Psalm deal with the truth of total depravity. All men by nature are dead in their sins. All men are in misery because of such sins. But verse 7 indicates that there is a difference. Some men, not all men, have the hope of a salvation coming. Some men, not all men, will rejoice. People of God, do you pray the prayer of verse 7. Are you awaiting the day that Christ will return on the clouds of heaven to take His church to the spiritual Jerusalem? We must live lives that indicate that we are captive in this world of sin. We must live lives that show that we are waiting a deliverer. Are we awaiting the day that we will truly be glad and rejoice? Sing Psalter 23.

September 15 Read Psalm 15

There is a connection between Psalms 14 and 15. That connection is the actions of those people who are awaiting their deliverer. Those people are those who have been chosen before the beginning of time, and now they live a particular life. Young people, do verses 2-5 describe you? Do you keep God’s commandments? Do you watch your tongue especially as it concerns those around you? Do you stay away from the evil doers of this world and have friendships among the people of God? If you do, even at this age, you will find the blessings that belong only to God’s people. If you do, as it says in verse 5, you will not be moved. Young people, is this your desire? It must be, you know, if you wish the peace that belongs to God’s people. Think about your lives and walk the sanctified life of the child of God, and then and only then you will have peace in your soul. Sing Psalter 24.

September 16 Read Psalm 16

There are many thoughts in this Psalm on which to meditate. We should read it more than once today in order to receive its complete meaning. First of all we see a necessary prayer that God will preserve us. Another beautiful thought is that in verses 5 and 6 where we see the promise of the covenant of grace which God has extended to us in which He is our friend and we are His people. We see the promise of Christ in verse 10 where we see the promise of the resurrection which was the necessary for our salvation. Finally we have the promise of eternal bliss in heaven. What wonderful truths are found in this Psalm! Read and reread it and take its words to your heart. Sing Psalter 29.

September 17 Read Psalm 17

The title of this Psalm is “A Prayer of David.” The prayers in the Bible give to us patterns for our prayers. We can and must meditate upon them in order that we, too, can pray. God has given to us prayer as a means of communicating to Him all of our cares in this life. Because of Christ our prayers rise as the sweet incense of old unto the throne of grace. In verse 8 we see the beautiful words asking for preservation as only God can provide it. We need to take these thoughts on our lips daily. Finally we can pray in the confidence that not only our prayers will reach heaven, but the day will come that God will take us before that throne of grace. Let us consider the prayers of the saints, and let us pray without ceasing. Sing Psalter 33.

September 18 Read Psalm 18:1-6

In this Psalm which is entitled a song, David begins with a prayer. He sees that he needs deliverance from the wicked around Him. He pens these words in full confidence of God’s goodness towards him. Even though he has been led in a hard way, David is able to say that he loves God. He has tasted of God’s goodness, and he knows that God is worthy to be praised. People of God, we must learn from David’s experience. We must know that help comes from God not from other men or even from within ourselves. When we have confidence in Jehovah, we will find the comfort and confidence to endure all hardships in this life. Let us wait upon God, and let us call upon God knowing that He will hear us and deliver us from all evils. Sing Psalter 34:1-3.

September 19 Read Psalm 18:7-19

Here in this part of Psalm 18 we see the deliverance God has wrought for us. Notice that deliverance is portrayed in the various wonders of nature which we behold. We do not fear the thunderstorm, for it is a picture of God’s judgment upon the wicked. We do not fear the volcano, for we see the wrath of God upon those who hate Him and us. Take notice of the various forces which God has placed in nature. Take notice of them and know that they are there for our instruction and our comfort. God will not leave us to be destroyed. He will come for us. Sing Psalter 34:4-9.

September 20 Read Psalm 18:20-29

The last line of verse 19 is “Because He delighted in me.” Today’s reading continues that thought. Because God delights in us through Christ He rewards us. Our righteousness is the righteousness that is imputed to us through Christ. Only through Christ are our hands judged clean and we are upright. In the darkness of this sinful world, He is our light and our salvation. This is a great comfort to us as we live. Let us seek Him who has made us righteous. Let us live lives of thankfulness to Him who delights in us. Sing Psalter 35:1-3.

September 21 Read Psalm 18:29-36

God’s way is perfect. That we know. What does that mean for us? It means that whatever way He leads us is good. David did not have an easy way, but he confessed that God’s way was perfect. This is what we must do. As we face difficulties in our lives, we must know that they are part of the perfect way of God for us. If our way is the hospital bed for many months or even years, God’s way is perfect. Whatever that way is, God will care for us and help us to live in that way. This was David’s testimony, and this should be our testimony as well. Let us pray for the grace to walk in God‘s perfect way. Sing Psalter 35:4-6.

September 22 Read Psalm 18:37-50

As David finished this Psalm, he finishes it with a song of thanksgiving. Singing is one of the ways with which we can show our thanks for what God has done for us. It is also a way for us to prepare for that eternal Sabbath in heaven singing the praises of the Lamb and the King. Some of our songs are private songs of thanksgiving, but here in verse 49 David speaks of singing among the brethren. Singing in church by the congregation is one of those God-ordained parts of the worship service. Let us make good use of those songs to thank God for all that He has done for us. Sing Psalter 36.

September 23 Read Psalm 19:1-6

People of God of all ages, do you study the created world around you. God has placed much in His creation for our instruction. Our Belgic Confession calls it a most “excellent book.” We need to spend time looking at the creation in order that we can learn more about God and His works. While we cannot find salvation in the creation, we can find out about the way of salvation as God illustrates in this Psalm using the sun as a picture of Christ. Young people and children, one of your responsibilities in school is to learn about creation in order that you can learn more about God. God speaks to us in creation. Are we listening? Sing Psalter 37.

September 24 Read Psalm 19:7-14

The second part of this Psalm speaks about God’s law as it is found in His Word. While creation tells us about God, it is in the Word that we are led to salvation. God’s perfect law provides for us the only way of salvation. This law is better than any man made law. It is better than anything in creation. The law also shows to us our sin. It also prompts us to pray for forgiveness from those sins. The last verse of this Psalm is one of those verses that should be committed to memory. Take a minute to reread it. Did you see the beauty found in it. Let its words be ours as we pray today. Sing Psalter 40.

September 25 Read Psalm 20

Notice the three times that the word name is used in this Psalm. In each case that word is shown with activity. God’s names tell us not only about Him, but also about what He does. By learning those names, we learn what He does for us. Those names have power. Through those names we can find the source of our salvation. We do not need any of man’s inventions or accomplishments for our safety. “Our help is in the name of Jehovah who made heaven and earth.” As we worship today let us remember to listen and learn about the names of our God. As we prepare for the new week, let us remember to use those names in a right way. Sing Psalter 44.

September 26 Read Psalm 21

Here in this Psalm we see David in a different light. He is no longer running from Saul and those who would kill him. He has been placed upon the throne and has a period of relative peace. What does David do? He praises Jehovah who made him king. He knows that it is not of himself that he gained this position. It was God‘s will and God’s will alone. What about us? As we go about our work today, do we confess that it is of God that we have what we have? Do we think our businesses are our doing? How many times do we use the word I as we talk about our place in life? We must remember that it is God who has given to us all things, and that we must give to Him all praise and honor for what He has done for us. Sing Psalter 45.

September 27 Read Psalm 22:1-10

This Psalm, like the last one, has prophecies of Christ found in it. That is because David is a type of Christ. David as king was a picture of the King, Christ Jesus. Here in this Psalm we see prophecies of Christ as he suffered on the cross for our sins. It is good for us to read these words because they tell us about the way our salvation was obtained. Christ suffered for us. The first words of this Psalm were among the last that Christ spoke before His death. They indicate to us the depths of suffering that Christ endured for us. This should cause us to thank Him daily for His sacrifice. Sing Psalter 47:1-5.

September 28 Read Psalm 22:11-21

As we continue this Messianic Psalm, we realize that our sufferings on this earth are minor compared to what Christ endured for us. Like Christ we must call upon God to help us in these times. David confessed that his strength came not from himself but from God alone. This must be our confession as well. Young men, this should be your guide when you consider the use of your body. Your strength is not yours; it is God’s, and you must use it to His glory alone. Let each of us pray that God be not far from us at any time. If God is far from us, we are helpless. What a terrible condition that it! Sing Psalter 47:6-11.

September 29 Read Psalm 22:22-31

As David once again enjoys the blessing of fellowship with God, he once again states that he will praise God where ever he is. Why does he do this, and why must we do this? We must do this because God has not left us in despair. He does not hide His face from us. He cares for us and will continue to care for us. There is also a beautiful truth found in the last part of this Psalm. Once again the truth of the covenant is proclaimed. Parents and grandparents, is it not wonderful to read, “A seed shall serve Him”? Is not this the content of many of our prayers? Let us rest in the comfort of the last two verses of this Psalm. Sing Psalter 49.

September 30 Read Psalm 23

Once again we come to this most familiar part of Scripture. Can you say these words by heart. Adults, can you do this? Young people, can you? Not only should we be able to say them by heart, we must also say them from the heart. When we confess that Jehovah is our shepherd, that means that we believe that He will care for us just as a shepherd cares for the sheep. This also means that we confess that we are sheep with all of their characteristics. These words provide comfort for the youngest saint who can take them on their lips, and they provide much comfort for the oldest saint who cannot say anything else. With Jehovah as our shepherd, what else do we need? Sing Psalter 53.