Watching Daily at My Gates

March 1

        I Kings 18:1-6                 Could we stand as Obadiah did?  Do we stand as Obadiah did?  Are we willing to do whatever is needed for the cause of God’s kingdom?  Obadiah risked his life to save one hundred prophets of God.  Would we risk anything at all to defend God’s Name in the world or even among our friends?  We may never be put in Obadiah’s position, but we all have the calling to defend the Word of God.  Do we do it?  Sing or read Psalter 105 especially stanzas 1-4.


March 2

        Proverbs 1:1-9                 The book of Proverbs is overflowing with instruction for the child of God and especially young people.  We see the purpose in the second verse.  We are to know wisdom and instruction.  The wisdom which we must know is the fear of the Lord.  We must seek after instruction daily.  This instruction is that found only in true wisdom which is Christ.  Following after this kind of wisdom will give to us a beauty found nowhere else.  Young people, do not be foolish in this matter.  Foolishness leads to destruction, but wisdom leads to glory.  Sing or read Psalter 149 especially stanzas 1, 3, 5, and 6.


March 3

        Romans 14:16-23            We often get into disputes over the physical things of this life.  Verse 17 reminds us that the kingdom of God is not made of physical things but rather spiritual attributes of “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” Are these your delight, child of God?  Is your life righteous with regard to your actions to those around you?  Are you at peace with the brother?  Can others see the joy of the Holy Ghost in you?  After reading these questions, ask God in prayer daily to give you these three attributes.  Sing or read Psalter 325.


March 4

        John 18:28-40                 Pilate asked the question, “What is truth?”  He did not know the answer even though the answer was standing before him.  Jesus was the truth even as He Himself had confessed in John 14:6.  Do you know what truth is, people of God?  Do you ask Pilate’s foolish question on occasion?  For the next few days we will examine this question and see what the Bible has to tell us about truth.  Sing or read Psalter 42.


March 5

        Genesis 24:10-15; 24-28             The account here is that of Abraham’s faithful servant Eliezer seeking a wife for Isaac.  This was done at Abraham’s command so that Isaac would have a God-fearing wife and not one of the heathen.  Eliezer, when he realized that God had blessed his mission, bowed his head and prayed to Jehovah God of truth.  He was successful because Abraham believed in the truth that a man should seek a God-fearing wife and a woman should seek a God-fearing husband.  Do you believe that truth, young people?  Do you practice it in your dating?  Sing or read Psalter 360.


March 6

        Genesis 32:1-12              Here we have the account of Jacob returning to Canaan, the land of promise.  As he returns he encounters his evil brother Esau.  At first he is afraid and tries to come up with a plan in which he can escape and keep part of his family alive.  Then he realizes that unless he depends on the God of mercy and truth he will not survive.  God’s truth here is twofold.  First, Jacob is directed to return to Canaan.  He must live there.  Secondly, Jacob must learn to trust in God’s strength and not his own.  Do you understand God’s word for us in this?  We, too, must stay where the church is.  If we are departed from it, we must return.  Secondly, in any circumstance in life we must depend on the God of truth and not our idea of truth.  Sing or read Psalter 348 especially stanzas 1, 2, 5, and 6.


March 7

Exodus 18:13-26             Here we see wise Jethro give his son-in-law Moses some wise advice.  Moses was burdening himself down with many small matters and not giving himself time to teach the people.  Jethro told him to find truthful men and make them judges.  This truthfulness was not merely honesty.  This truthfulness was the fear of Jehovah and the love and knowledge of God’s law.  These are the kind of men to pick to be elders.  Young men, are you trying to be such men so that when the time comes you can take your place in the church?  Are you seeking God’s truth now so that you are ready for your responsibility?  Sing or read Psalter 223.


March 8

        Exodus 34:1-9                 God announces Himself to Moses before He gives him the law the second time.  He calls Himself Jehovah…truth.  What an awesome God we have.  He is truth!  He is all truth and nothing but truth!  What a comfort that is as well.  Because God is truth, we can believe all that He has revealed about Himself in His word and creation.  We do not have to worry that what He has spoken will be wrong because He is truth!  As truth His laws will be good for us, and for that we can be thankful.  Sing or read Psalter 60 especially stanzas 1, 3, 5.


March 9

        Joshua 24:14-28              Do you serve the Lord in truth?  Do you worship Him as He has commanded?  Are you true in your life as children of the God of truth?  These were the questions Joshua asked the children of Israel.  These are questions we must face daily.   It doesn’t matter if we are elderly, middle-aged, teenagers, or children.  We must live a life of truth dedicated to serving Jehovah faithfully.  To do otherwise is to live the life of the lie dedicated to serving Satan.  Israel needed a stone to witness their confession.  We have Christ.  Even as we enter God’s house for prayer tonight, let us pray that he will give us the grace to live a life of truth which is pleasing to Him.  Sing or read Psalter 65.


March 10

II Samuel 2:1-7               In the dark days which followed the death of Saul and his sons, David found a bright spot of truth.  The men of Jabesh-Gilead had done a kind thing in rescuing the bodies of Saul and his sons.  David recognized them and called them blessed.  How about you, young people?  Can someone find acts of kindness founded in truth in your lives?  Can someone call you blessed because of a kind deed?  Living a life of truth will give you many opportunities.  Will you make use of them?  Sing or read Psalter 24.


March 11

I Kings 2:1-11                 As David was preparing to die, he gave Solomon some last words of advice.  One of these words was a charge toward Solomon and his children’s walk in the world.  The basis for this charge of course was the promise of Christ.  There is also a charge for all parents and children here.  Parents, are you demanding that your children live a life of truth toward God and their fellow man?  Children, are you striving to live such a life?  Every age has its responsibilities to live lives of truth.  Are we living such lives?  Sing or read Psalter 67.


March 12

        II Chronicles 18:6-17      What did Ahab know of truth?  In head knowledge he knew more than Pilate but experientially not very much.  Ahab knew the God of Israel by name and actions, but yet he did not know truth because truth was not in him.  Yet, he commanded that a prophet of the Lord speak the truth before him.  When the prophet spoke that truth he hated it even as he hated the prophet and God.  We must not be like that, people of God.  We must never hate the truth even when it chastises us.  We must embrace it and worship it because Christ is Truth.  Sing or read Psalter 230 especially stanzas 1 and 5-7.


March 13

Psalm 31:1-8                   In this Psalm we see a foreshadowing of Christ.  In verse 5 we see the words of Christ as He died.  David, as a type of Christ, was confident that in committing his soul to the God of truth he was doing a good thing.  Do you have that confidence throughout your lives, child of God?  Aged saint, can you say this with confidence as you face death?  Young people, do you say this even as you seek entertainment and companionship?  To do this means you give all of yourself away.  You will take no credit for your spiritual welfare as you leave it in the hands of the God of truth.  Are you ready to confess with Christ these words?  Sing or read Psalter 47 especially stanzas 1-3 and 5.


March 14

Psalm 108                        Do you ever look at the clouds?  The clouds tell us things about God and His attributes.  Can you remember seeing a thunderhead?  Remember how it stretched far into the sky?  Now think of a clear day with its fine wisps of cirrus clouds floating far above our heads.  That is the figure God wants us to think of when we think of the vastness of His truth.  His truth is higher than the highest cloud.  His truth is so vast that it encompasses all of our lives.  Do you live in awe of that truth?  We should, because God is truth.  Sing or read Psalter 298.


March 15

Psalm 117                        How many things do you own that will last forever?  How many unbreakable items have you seen break?  How many of man’s unbreakable inventions are bent and twisted by storms or earthquakes?  God’s truth is not like that.  Jehovah’s truth will last forever.  He assures us of that in this short Psalm.  That is one of the reasons we must continually be praising Him.  Jehovah’s truth is the only thing in which we can place our complete confidence.  Are we singing His praises for His truth daily?  Sing or read Psalter 315.


March 16

        Proverbs 23:15-25           Notice the command in verse 23.  Are you out buying the truth?  Is it an acquisition that you are making daily, even hourly?  Buying the truth is done actively.  Just because you are a Christian does not personally assure you of possessing the truth.  You must go out and shop for it.  You do this by studying the Word of God.  This must be done personally but also with other people of like faith.  You do this by attending church with a worshipful attitude.  It is hard work that must not be neglected.  Most of us are good at shopping for earthly goods.  Are we as good at shopping for spiritual goods, namely the truth?  Sing or read Psalter 236.


March 17

        Ecclesiastes 12:8-14       Solomon spends much of this book examining his experiences in searching for the truth.  In his search he found that the truth can only be found in things of God.  In verse twelve he states that man’s scholastic attempts to find truth of himself only end up in the weariness of the flesh.  Has this been your experience, people of God?  Have you tried to find the truths of life in yourself or in man’s devices?  I am sure that like Solomon you found no peace then.  Like Solomon we must confess that finding truth is only in fearing God and keeping His commandments.  Make that your aim and you will find peace in this life.  Sing or read Psalter 336.


March 18

        Isaiah 38:9-20                 God had stricken Hezekiah with a terrible disease.  Hezekiah had a tremendous worry; he had no son to continue the covenant line to Christ.  In faith he prayed and God healed him.  Then he wrote the words of our reading today.  In verses eighteen and nineteen he speaks of truth.  He first states that there is no truth at all in the reprobate.  Then he states that it is the elect who can rejoice in the truth of Jehovah.  Finally he reminds us of a father’s duty to teach his children the truth.  Are you doing that, fathers?  Are you listening, children?  Sing or read Psalter 77, especially stanzas 3-5.


March 19

Matthew 22:15-22           Are the words of the Pharisee’s disciple about Christ true about you as well?  Can all kinds of people see that you are true and speak words of truth?  Can it be said about you that you care not what man thinks about you?  Here is a way we must be Christ-like.  Only truth must be evident in our lives.  Only the truth of Jehovah must permeate every aspect of our being.  It must be evident and permeate so much that any one, any time, any place can see our truth.  Young people, is this so?  Sing or read Psalter 138.


March 20

        John 14:1-6                     We have spent much of this month pondering the idea of truth.  Verse six sums up much of what we have been learning.  Jesus is truth.  The only way to the Father is through Jesus.  Therefore it is important that we as children of the heavenly Father seek His Son and His truth.  To do anything else is folly.  There is no other way to heaven and no other way to the blessedness which comes from knowing Christ.  Thomas’ question is answered not just for him but also for us.  Sing or read Psalter 256 especially stanzas 1, 2, and 5.


March 21

        Romans 1:16-25              Are you ashamed of the gospel of Christ which you heard yesterday?  If you are, reread the verses for today.  To be ashamed of the gospel of truth has many evil consequences.  First of all you will hold the truth in unrighteousness.  Then you will change the truth to fit your ideas and desires.  Finally God will give you unto your evils until you end up in hell.  This is not without comfort for the child of God, however.  For us not being ashamed of the gospel will allow us to look at the evils of the age and flee them.  For us we will see the signs of Christ’s return.  This is our hope and salvation.  Sing or read Psalter 355.


March 22      

        I Peter 1:13-25                Peter in this chapter reminds us of our duties throughout life because we are God’s people.  He speaks of walking a walk of sanctification.  The reason given is that because God is holy we must be holy.  In verse 22 we read that we must obey the truth through the Spirit in the way of loving the brother.  Are you doing that today?  Do you love those around you in obedience to the Holy Spirit?  If you know the truth and love the truth, you must obey the truth.  If you hate your fellow student or those close to you, you hate God’s truth and do not walk as you are called.  “Love one another with a pure heart fervently.” Sing or read Psalter 25.


March 23

        II John                             Five times in this short epistle the word truth is used.  The apostle John is writing to someone whom he loves.  He loves this one because they are both in the truth.  He loves this one because John has found his children walking in the truth.  This must be said of us.  People must speak well of us because and only because we walk in the truth.  In walking in this truth we will keep God’s commandments and love will fill our souls for God and for those around us.  Sing or read Psalter 371.


March 24

        III John                            This epistle is similar to the previous.  It too contains the word truth five times.  Here too we see a person, Gaius, who is commended for his walking in the truth.  Notice that walking means activity.  Gaius has been active in the truth.  Gaius has also confessed the truth with his mouth.  John has heard from others of Gaius’ testimony.  John rejoices in these facts.  Verses 5-8 give us practical application in walking in the truth.  Let us leave our study of truth with these ideas: get the truth, love the truth, and live in the truth.  Sing or read Psalter 338.


March 25

        Psalm 103:1-7                 David calls upon his soul to bless the Lord.  The idea of blessing here is to praise or say good things about someone.  David had many reasons to do that in his life.  God had saved him out of many troubles.  God had blessed him by making him king over Israel.  God had promised him that Christ would come from his line.  What about us, do we have any reasons to tell our souls to bless Jehovah?  In reading these verses, we find we do.  In fact, we find that we have more than David because Christ has come to us and has given us His Spirit.  We also have the written word.  Bless the Lord, young people, and do it every minute of the day.  Sing or read Psalter 277.


March 26

        Psalm 103:8-12               In this short section we see the ultimate reason for blessing Jehovah.  He has sent His son to forgive our sins.  Our sins should keep us from Jehovah, but because of Christ our sins are forgiven.  They are taken as far from us as east is from west.  Reread verse 10.  What a blessing we have there!  If God dealt with us the way we deserve, we would be destroyed even as we read these words.  Bless Him, people of God, bless Him daily; for His mercy is great!  Sing or read Psalter 280 especially stanzas 1, 3, and 4.


March 27

        Psalm 103:13-18             Picture a father helping his son up after a dreadful on a bicycle.  Picture a father picking up his daughter and tending to her knee after a fall on the concrete.  Picture a father sitting in the kitchen late at night agonizing over the whereabouts of his teenage children.  This is just a small glimpse into the pity God has for us.  Fatherhood is a glorious picture of God.  God knows us.  He knows that we bruise easily, and He is ready to care for those bruises.  There is an admonition in these verses as well.  Verses 17 and 18 tell us that we must fear Him, we must keep His covenant, and we must remember His commandments and do them.  God’s pity extends through Christ to His people alone.  Sing or read Psalter 278.


March 28

        Psalm 103:19-22             God is great!  His kingdom is more glorious than any on this earth.   Solomon’s kingdom was nothing compared to the heavenly kingdom of our God.  Because we have such a grand and glorious king, we must bless and praise Him.  All of His creatures must praise their Maker because He has made them and sustains them.  These last few verses end on a personal note.  David says, “Bless the Lord, O my soul.” Do you do that?  Do you do that hourly?  We should and we must.  Bless the Lord!  Sing or read Psalter 282.


March 29

        Mark 14:1-9                    Jesus was spending His last days before His death with His disciples.  During one of the public gatherings Mary, one of His closest friends, took a box of costly ointment and anointed Him.  In doing so she showed her great love for her Savior.  His disciples were angry and Jesus rebuked them.  He also taught them and us with this incident.  First of all we must show our love for Jesus.  Secondly we must do good unto the poor.  Finally as we preach the gospel our good works must accompany our doctrine.  Do you love Jesus for the great work He has performed in your life?  If you do, then show that love even as Mary did.  Sing or read Psalter 312.


March 30

        Mark 14:10-16                On the day of the Passover which would be Thursday of passion week, Jesus and His disciples went to an upper room in Jerusalem.  If you read this passage closely, you cannot help but see God’s providence at work here.  Judas went to the high priest and plotted with them.  Peter and John found a man who provided them the upper room.  All of these things were directed by almighty God.  Do we see God’s providence in our lives?  It is by His providence that all things worked for our salvation many years ago.  It is by His providence that all things continue to exist.  It will be by His providence that the time will be prepared for His second coming.  Ponder on His providence and thank Him for it.  Sing or read Psalter 313.


March 31

        Mark 14:17-26                As the Passover meal ended that Thursday night, Jesus instituted the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  Do you take that for granted or do you long for it?  I ask this question to both adults who have partaken of it for many years and teenagers who await their first communion.  It provides wonderful pictures for us.  We see the table of communion of saints.  We see the bread which feeds us and was also broken for our salvation.  And we see the wine which pictures the blood of the Lamb and the joy that is ours because of that sacrifice.  The Lord’s Supper is one of the blessings we have as Christians.  Let us not take it for granted.  Sing or read Psalter 311.