Walking with God

Tonight, as I was walking,

I met with God.

I walked, and talked with Him,

Sharing my burdens,

Only to shoulder them once more.

And then God spoke to me

In the chilled dark of night.

He spoke to me and said,

“Look around you!  What do you see?”

As the crisp clean snow crunched

Beneath my feet,

I looked, and stood in wonder,

Gazed, and beheld the star-studded sky

Like a wealth of diamonds

In a black velvet sea

Kissed by the sun,

Awe was in my eyes and face

As I beheld God’s glory.

And God spoke, and said,

“Little child, I have made

That which you see.

My hands have placed each star

In the course I ordained for it.

I know when each fails, burnt out.

I am the Almighty God!

Are then these hands too weak

To carry your light load?

Give it to me – I will carry it.”

Gratefully, I yielded my many cares

Into His loving arms.

He took them.

He carried them.

And I said “Thank You,

My Lord, my Father,

Thank you.”