Update From the Federation Board

Greetings once again from the Fed Board.

Our update in the January issue of the Beacon Lights informed you of the identity, purpose, and membership of the Fed Board, and gave a preview of our duties and work for this year. This second update is to inform you of the work of the Fed Board thus far.

First, the work of the Fed Board has been revision of the Constitution of the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Committee and of the Convention Funding Policy. The Constitution of the PRSC has been updated, especially with regard to the criteria given in that document for what an application for the PR Scholarship must include. For example, the requirement that the essay not exceed 300 words has been changed so that that the length is now to be left to the discretion of the Committee. Changes were also made concerning how members are replaced and how the PRSC may make constitutional changes in future.

Revision was made as well to the Convention Funding Policy, which governs how and in what amounts funds are transacted between the Fed Board and the host church for each year’s convention. The changes made were of a clarifying nature: sharpening the language describing the amount of money the host church may expect to receive, and delineating a clear process of how those funds are to be dispensed. A copy of this new policy was sent to all the churches of our Federation.

Second, the Fed Board’s work has included beginning work on forming a standing committee whose duties it will be to 1) Help the host church locate a camp for the convention, and 2) provide advice and assistance to the host church on all the aspects of planning and operating a convention. Details are still very much in the working-out stage, and there is still quite a bit of work to be done, but the Fed Board is excited by the prospect that such a committee presents in terms both of simplifying the process of camp location—perhaps by working out a rotating schedule of returning to certain camps that have worked well in the past—and of drawing upon the considerable expertise of those who have steered conventions in the past to assist host churches in the future.

Third, the Fed Board has overseen changes to the Beacon Lights Staff. Especially noteworthy is that after many faithful years as willing, competent, and dedicated Editor-in Chief of Beacon Lights, John Huizenga has resigned. We take this opportunity to thank John for his zealous labors on behalf of Beacon Lights and wish him God’s blessing in his home and in his teaching duties at Trinity PR High School in Northwest Iowa. Replacing John as Editor-in-Chief is Mr. Mark Hoeksema of Trinity PR Church in Hudsonville, MI. Mark serves as copy editor for the Reformed Free Publishing Association, a post he has filled with distinction for many years, and will bring to Beacon Lights prodigious editing experience and ability fuelled by a love of the Reformed truth. We welcome the chance to work with him on Beacon Lights.

Finally, the Fed Board is pleased to announce the 2012 Young People’s Convention, hosted by Hope PRC in Walker, MI. Further information can be found on the back cover advertisements of the Beacon Lights, beginning with January 2012.

The Fed Board is keenly aware of our inability to execute our labors without the grace and Spirit of God our Father. We know that God is pleased to use the prayers of his people to build up his kingdom causes. We covet your prayers as we strive to lead the Young People’s Federation in being distinctly Reformed—and especially Protestant Reformed—even in their youth, to the glory of God alone and the strengthening of the church of the future for the battle of faith that is our calling and life.

In Christ, for the Fed Board,

Jonathan Langerak, Jr.