Up From the Ranks

Until a short while ago, the Young People’s Society of South Holland was led by the minister of the church who was and still is its president.  We could say that as that leadership was, so was the caliber of the meetings and to a certain extent also of the society.

This arrangement was nice so long as the president did his work well and the members needed the guidance of a more experienced leader.

But there was something wrong with this set-up that became very evident as time went on.  The president noticed that his young people were developing mentally and spiritually.  They began to assert themselves.  Thru debating and speeches and other agenda on the program, they began to speak more freely and give expression to their own thoughts.  The president noticed that gradually his young people were becoming leaders.

And why should this marked progress be impeded with the cut and dried policy that the minister should be president?  Why should not especially the young men be given an opportunity to develop still more in the art of leadership?  Are they not the future leaders of the church?  Will they not presently fill the places of their fathers in the seat of office bearers?  Will perhaps some of them not be future ministers of our churches?

These questions prompted the president to suggest that the young people be given an occasional turn at presiding.  So up from the ranks of those who were being led, our young people are promoting themselves to the enviable position of leaders.

We thought the idea was good enough to mention and pass on to other societies.  And rest assured that if the idea is pressed into action, it remains not only an idea, but it works.