Pacific Activities

The war in the Pacific has been in progress approximately ten weeks at this time. For the past month it has been in the spotlight continually. Even though the British have lost most of the region they had gained in northern Africa during this same period greatest interest has centered in the Southwest Pacific. Japan after its initial attack on the United States Fleet has carried on its main drive against the British Empire. The main thrusts have been through Thailand and thus against Singapore which has also fallen into their hands. The Gibraltar of the Far East has fallen and opens the way for the Axis powers to start activities in a third ocean of the universe, the Indian Ocean. This of course, is a severe blow to the United Nations, for Russia and the Imperial forces of North Africa are receiving much of their supplies from the United States by way of this route.

Impatient Questioning

On the streets, in the homes, in the shops, in offices, everywhere we hear questions being asked: Where is our fleet? Why don’t we bomb Japan? Why doesn’t McArthur get help? At present it is impossible to release all information that might be given to our own people to quiet their fears and impatience for it might be of great help to our enemies to do even more than has been done.

Answer to Questions

From reports we can know that our planes are arriving and are also taking an active part. From the attacks on Gilbert and Marshall Islands and the battle of the straits of Macassar we also know that our naval forces are awaiting the most opportune times to inflict the greatest loss possible with a crippled fleet. From other reports such as the Truman Senate committee in conjunction with a report of the Republic Aviation corp. we learn that this corporation has announced the donation of the 7th plane P-47 of the 189th series to the Air Corps. The series mentioned indicates that many planes of this type have been produced at this plant.

Failure to Analyze Conditions

In our questioning and critical minds we fail to properly consider some very important conditions. First of all, we fail to realize that the present battle front lies from seven to eight thousand miles from our western shores. Our planes need bases nearer the field of combat than this to be effective. Our supply of usable ships to transport the needed materials and men is very limited, so limited that at present only the most vital materials are being sent. On Dec. 7 we were awakened suddenly but previous to that time we were fast asleep and did not produce necessary equipment. The largest percentage of our equipment was sent to other countries then at war.

Finally, we fail to realize that we have a powerful enemy to fight against. We may feel that in the end we will have the victory but not if we continue to think that way for as the old saying goes— “Tomorrow never comes”.

The most important condition, which we as Christians do not realize as we should and which the world does not consider at all, is that all these things are directed by One Almighty Power. Who has also caused all things to develop as they have. He has caused some of the strongholds produced by men and in which man placed his trust to fall before the onslaught of the enemy. The history of the past must teach us to trust in God and not in the power or strength of man. What His final purpose is we all know, namely, that His Church may be brought to its final reward and that they may live in true peace with Him forever. May we all have our eyes open to see the development of that perfect kingdom which will triumph with the King of Righteousness at the end of time.