We live in an age of speed. So much occurs in a single day, to say nothing of a month, that one is at a loss to write a few lines under the heading Current Events. When finally what has been written is published, it seems like ancient history already. While writing the middle section of this article which deals with our capturing the Marshall Islands, a few words from the radio announcer that Japan’s Island fortress of Truk is being attacked sweeps this seizure of the Marshall Islands far into the background. Thus it is and shall be increasingly as we are swept along with this age.

With this in mind let us spend a few moments apart from war, politics and domestic problems and try to appreciate the period in which we live as we consider an event of significance which we might otherwise overlook.

A Significant Event…

A short second page news item published a few weeks ago informs us that the world’s largest flying boat, “The Mars” has just completed a round trip flight to Hawaii in 27 hours and 26 minutes. The round trip is approximately 4700 miles. Just to appreciate what this means consider that the Union Pacific Railroad’s fastest streamline trains make a one-way trip to Los Angeles from Chicago in 39 hours and 45 minutes. This distance between these cities according to their time table is 2299 miles. This train indeed makes many stops along the way, but do not overlook the fact that this plane makes a round trip in some 12 hours less time than the train takes to go one way. The plane by the way weighs a mere 148,800 pounds or over 74 tons.

The significance of this fact is that the world is getting smaller every day. No spot on this earth is more than 60 hours away from your home. The fact that the world is getting smaller in turn means two things for us to consider and remember. In the first place it means that the antichristian kingdom is nearer its realization. The smaller the world becomes the nearer the day draws nigh when the beast of Revelation 13 who has power over all nations, kindreds and tongues shall rule the world and afflict the Church. The wo’ Id is still too large for this today. But rapidly is man making it smaller through his inventions. In the second place let us not forget that the smaller the earth becomes the more easily the Gospel shall be spread to the four corners of the earth. That must be accomplished before Christ returns. How clearly we can see this today when places formerly inaccessible now can be reached by plane.

We Capture Our First Japanese Territory….

America captures the Marshall Islands! For the first time in this war we have wrested from the Japanese what is considered their own territory and which they have been fortifying for some 20 years. Formerly we were only recapturing what Japan took from us and our Allies.

The weak showing Japan made should not lead us into wishful thinking. Japan is not weakening rapidly. Let us appreciate the fact that when the fighting is closer to Japan, when we fight in her front yard and our supply lines are long and vulnerable, that the ships and planes which were not at the Marshall Islands will be there giving as all they have.

Events Worth Serious Consideration…

One has so many things to write about one hardly knows where to begin or stop. A few remarks for further thought and individual consideration can be listed with profit.

What must we think of Russia’s last two moves? Russia accuses the Roman Catholic Church of supporting Fascism in Italy and Spain and of condoning many Fascist acts of aggression. She also grants autonomy to the 16 republics of the Soviet Union so that each state may deal directly with other countries and raise its own army as sovereign states have always done. What do these two moves mean?

On March 31, 1939 England and France pledged immediate military assistance to Poland in case of aggression. Germany invaded Poland and England and France declared war on Germany Sept. 3, 1939. January rolls around and England is unable to intervene in the Polish boundary dispute. Where are we? What have we done these five years? Why all this bloodshed and death? Did England enter the war for Poland’s sake? Does a lasting peace seem possible?

The barbarous treatment of the Japanese to American prisoners of war has been made known. Does anyone still want to maintain that there is a common grace that restrains sin and enables man to do civic righteousness? It certainly should not be called a common grace that is sure, for it is not common to the Japanese. It is very foreign to them. Why did not the Spirit operate in the hearts of these Japanese if there is a common grace? And is it grace that God has given them the victory over these American prisoners? If grace consists in things, how much grace Japan must have received for she has most of the rubber of the world and all the riches of Burma, the Dutch East Indies, the Philippine Islands etc. etc. Does anyone still want to maintain that education will elevate men and make this world a heaven on earth? Pearl Harbor and these atrocities were planned by Japanese who were educated by America and Europe. Civic righteousness and peace are possible only when the heart is regenerated by the Holy Spirit.