Beacon Lights is YOUR paper. You say, it belongs to the Federation? True! But that Fed­eration is the sum total of all its members. And that includes you.

Beacon Lights needs you.

This magazine can have no fu­ture unless you. too. put your shoulder to the wheel and push. If you do your share there will be a double benefit. The paper it­self will benefit by it, and you your­self will appreciate the paper as never before. We always appreci­ate most those things that we ex­pend some effort on.

You can do this in many ways.

One way is, that you subscribe for the magazine and also urge others to do so. There are still some young men and women who for some reason or other do not at­tend society. Some of them would if they were able, others probably have not yet learned to appreciate the value of society activities. Get them to subscribe. There are, like­wise, many young married people who do not want to grow old too fast, but are still interested in youth’s activities and can profit by getting this paper. They will be more than willing to subscribe if you but make it a point to see them. And there are also older people, who may not have young people of their own, but are none­theless, interested in what our young people are doing. They, too, want to subscribe, but are waiting for you to call on them.

Another way in which you can help is by faithfully reading each issue and speaking with others a­bout it. The power of suggestion goes far toward creating interest. “By the way. did you read Mr. So- and-so’s article in the October is­sue?” “What do you think of Miss E’s piece in the Open Forum?” Especially the Bible study outlines should be carefully studied before each meeting. It is even advisable to read them a few days before the time of meeting in order to have ample time to digest then, and think into the subject under dis­cussion. It is a patent fact that you never derive any more out of a thing than you put into it. Even a meat grinder can prove that. Nor do you get any more out of your society discussion than you put into it yourself. So, give it your best, and reap the harvest for yourself and others.

But there is still another way.

That way is open to all of our readers through a new department, the Open Forum. This depart­ment will give every reader an op­portunity to express himself on any subject or question of the day. If you wish you can express your ap­preciation of or dissatisfaction with Beacon Lights. We do not object to a word of apprecia­tion, nor do we hesitate to publish any criticism if it can serve for the welfare of the paper. You are welcome to express your frank and candid opinion on any matter per­taining to our societies or the Fed­eration. By the same sign, you can discuss any problem of inter­est and importance to our Protes­tant Reformed youth. Naturally, there will be certain restrictions to debate, governed by the editor- in-chief, who has charge of this department.

But this department belongs dir­ectly to you. Will you supply us with material at once, so that it can make its first appearance in the very next issue? Will you do your share to make this depart­ment interesting, thought-provok­ing, and profitable? We are depending on YOU!

All material must be in the hands of the editor-in-chief before the second week of each month if it is to appear in the next issue. Do not delay.

Your paper is, to a great extent, what you make it.