You may have noticed that the name of the author for this rubric as listed in the table of contents is different than it has been in past articles. The explanation is that I am not taking over this department but rather that I will co-author it with Miss Lubbers on an alternating basis. Miss Lubbers will write every other month and I will fill the other issues.

Another change in these articles that I will be writing is that of the subject matter. The general theme of the articles will remain Nature Studies, or the study of our Father’s world. The difference lies in what is to be studied of that world; in former articles the emphasis has been on the world of plants and animals, or the nature of living creation around us. Although this in the narrower sense is nature as we usually think of it and what the word nature has come to mean in our everyday use of the term, I choose rather to write on the working of this our world from the viewpoint of the operation of the physical universe about us. This I choose because of my greater interest in this field of science or nature. And I hope it will prove of interest to the readers since in our present “scientific and space” age we are confronted daily with new conquests of the forces and nature and space around us. Because of this it is hoped that these studies will come to the interest of many of us.

To be more concrete in what will be studied in these articles, let’s take a look at some of the subject material. In the last year since the age of the “Sputnik” is with us there is a new interest in the space about us, the possible exploration of it, and the ultimate goal of the scientist, the free travel in space. We shall examine the laws and forces God has given to govern this his creation, how they affect the attempts of the space man to explore that space. By no means do I intend to devote all emphasis to the space age nature but also we shall study the physical world that is about us every day, and in which God has placed us. The world that greatly influences our daily work-a-day life. The forces that man must contend with in subjecting the creation to his use.

Many times in the study of these forces and laws of nature we tend to lose sight of their beauty in relation to the God that has called them into being, has given them laws to control the operation of this His world. Perhaps this is the result of the great strides of science in the field of subjecting creation to the use of man during the last half century. Science has become a field in which the world does not want to talk or think about the God that controls and directs all things, but likes to think that these new discoveries of scientific study push God out of the picture. Not that we believe in the teachings of the world in regard to God but as in the study of mathematics there is many times the tendency to he so busy in its wonders that we do not relate them to the God who has called them into being and sustains them by His all powerful Word.

Have you ever looked at an airplane flying overhead and marveled at the wonder? How that man is able to place together the elements he has taken from the earth, mold them into the form and structures he wants, place them all together in the right relationship and – he has a machine he calls an airplane. Then with the proper knowledge of how to operate it he can travel through the air as a bird; this heavy collection of metals, glass, wires, etc. is able to overcome the force of gravity that keeps us securely on the ground. The wonder is that we are able to do these things with assurance that we will meet with success. We board an airplane with the least fear that perhaps it will not rise into the air at the end of the air field, or that sometime during our trip the plane will suddenly fall or fail to operate for some strange reason.

How wonderful that this machine can be used for our convenience and comfort. The wonder of course is that the laws that we know are sure, we are ordained of God. We know that the plane will not fall because the laws or aerodynamics are not laws that man has made but are the law that God has given to this our planet and are as unchangeable as He. We could name many other things we notice about us every day and must marvel at their operation. The precise operation of our solar system, the sun always rising in the east, traveling its course from day to day, the moon operating in its unfailing cycle, the unchangeableness of the tides. Or the operation of our automobiles, how we are able to pour a liquid in a tank and it enables us to move this bulk of steel along at terrific speeds with a dependency we often fail to notice. These wonders can be seen where ever we look in our daily lives.

These are some of the things we would like to study in this series of nature studies, seeing in all the everyday working of our world the hand of God, how He upholds the creation so that we may make use of His world. Above all how we can serve Him in the use of this His world.

When we see these things we can say as the Psalmist of old:

The spacious heavens declare the glory of our God,

The firmament displays His handiwork abroad;

Day unto day proclaims His might,

And night His wisdom tells to night.

Aloud they do not speak, they utter forth no word,

Nor into language break, their voice is never heard;

Yet through the world the truth they hear

And their creator’s power declare.