Turned to the Light

There is a story told about a lovely white rose which the Lord placed in a weed patch. This rose was the only thing of true beauty in that patch and was well aware of that fact.  Each morning, as the dawn opened her fingers over the earth, she placed one crystal drop of dew on that rose.  This was the rose’s crowning beauty, for the dew drop shone like a sapphire crown.  And so, each morning, the rose would cup itself toward the dawn to receive its one drop of dew, and each morning it stood with its face to the sun so the drop would glimmer.  But one day, the rose, in all its beauty, decided to turn away and let its own glory be reflected in the dew drop.  So the next morning, and for many days thereafter the rose turned itself away from the dawn, losing its beauty, for the dew drop became just another drop of water.  And then the morning came when there was no dawn.  When the rose awakened late and looked around in fear, it found that a tree had grown overnight and was taking all its sun.  Of course, the rose lost all its beauty then, and blackened and died.  In its self-pride the rose had killed itself.  The rose had forgotten to reflect the light.

This same thing often happens to us as Christians; but it should not ever happen.

As the dawn gave the rose one tiny dew drop, God has given us many dew drops in the form of talents.  Some of us have only one drop, some have many, but be they few or many, they only attain beauty as we turn to and reflect God’s light.

Of course, reflecting God’s light into creatures so weak and sinful as ourselves is difficult at best.  We are prone to depend on ourselves, to trust in our own strength, to strive for our own glory rather than God’s

But, if reflecting God’s light is difficult, it is not impossible.

First, reflecting God’s light means we have complete faith in Him and turn to Him in all things.  It means that each breath we take, each heart beat, is a song of thanksgiving to Him.  It means that our first thoughts in the morning, our last thoughts at night and our prime thoughts through the day are toward Him… not because they have to be toward Him, but because we can’t help but turn them in that direction.  Faith is a radiance which we carry with us always.  It is something which puts such a peace and overwhelming joy in our souls that no one, absolutely no one, can mistake the fact that WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Yes, we are different.  Thus, in reflecting God’s light, we do not forget the men whom He has made, for, when we reflect God’s light, it is in love to our fellow elect.  This does not mean the false brotherhood which is so prevalent today, not does it mean just giving things to other people in distress, nor yet does it mean just caring for your own family, even though that must come first.  What loving our fellow man means is just that: Love.  And love implies sacrifice, total unselfishness.  It means that we give of ourselves until we are totally emptied, and then we give some more.  It means we give to others even when they hurt us, or might hurt us.  It means we help them gain peace inside, just as we help them in physical ways.  This type of giving is sacrifice; it is draining; yes, it is even killing; but it is our Christian duty.  This giving is what sets us apart as Christians, it is what is necessary to reflect God’ light, for this is what Jesus did for us.

He gave Himself until He was totally empty in the garden of Gethsemane, and then He gave more on the cross. He gave even though we continually hurt Him. And He gave to give us peace; … peace with God.

So, reflecting God’s light is, basically, love: Love of God, love of our fellow Christians because of God.

Nevertheless, knowing what is expected of us in reflecting His light is not enough.  For us, knowing, and, yes, even wanting to do it will not make it so. Only God does make this reflection possible.  It is He who gives us total commitment unto Himself so that we, when we do find ourselves reflecting His light, must not even then praise ourselves; we must then, more than ever humble ourselves before Him in thanksgiving.  Then, and only then will we know, thought only vaguely, what reflecting His light really is.  Then, and then only will our total being be consciously and completely committed to God.

And then, when the fingers of eternal dawn unfold themselves over the weed patch of this world, the true sun, the Son of God will find us turned to the Light with our talents shining as jewels for His crown.