Tulip (5)

The pleasant clink of ice cubes in glasses of lemonade added to the refreshing break that Krystal and her family enjoyed together. Much work around the house and yard had been done, but much work was still left to do.

“Another letter?” Father asked.

“Yes,” said Mother, “we’re up to the I in TULIP—irresistible grace.”

“Hm,” he took another sip, “this lemonade sure quenches the thirst, doesn’t it?”

“Yea,” Jamie fervently agreed. He was almost finished with his glass and was eyeing some more.

Father continued, “Jesus said, ‘he that believeth on me shall never thirst.’ And, ‘all that the Father giveth me shall come to me.’ They won’t go thirsty. They shall come. Remember that by nature we are totally depraved and dead in sin? Well, a dead man can’t do anything. He can’t drink or eat, and he can’t come or go. But God makes us spiritually alive so that we will come to Him and we will drink. Can a little baby, newly born and thirsty for milk, resist going to his mother? When God makes us to be born spiritually, we can’t resist going to our Heavenly Father for spiritual food, either. We’re thirsty for His Word and Spirit, His grace. It’s irresistible.”

Krystal nodded. It was becoming more clear.

“There are no offers of salvation to be accepted or rejected,” added Father. “God doesn’t offer life to a dead man. That would be a worthless offer, wouldn’t it? No, He just plain gives it. That’s grace—real grace.” (to be continued)