Trials to Triumph

The trials of life are not easy to bear—
The illnesses, poverty, snares,
Disappointments, failures, the death of a friend,
And feeling that nobody cares.

But friend, don’t despair, you don’t suffer alone;
Your heavenly Father is near;
He answers our prayers, sends grace unsurpassed
Allaying our heartaches and fear.

Just looking around us may fill with alarm—
Our self-pity fills us with grief—
But looking above to the One in control
Brings us peace; what a blessed relief!

God uses these trials our souls to refine
As silver is tried in the fire;
Earthly cares overwhelm; God draws us to Him
Where His mercy is all we desire.

So focus, dear friend, on Jesus our Lord,
On Him all our burdens to cast.
What we’ve borne is so small compared to our gain,
We’ll emerge, triumphant at last!