Trees of the Bible: Trees Planted by the Riverside

The tree planted by the river’s side is mentioned several times in the Bible (Psalm 1:3; Jer. 17:8). It isn’t a specific kind of tree that is mentioned, but its location is important.
In this passage, the tree is planted. Someone moved the tree to this spot so that it could have water and grow. The tree didn’t grow by the river on its own. It didn’t choose to grow by the river, but someone chose that particular tree to plant it by the river.
So God chooses us and plants us in Christ, the living water, so that we may grow by his life flowing in us. But even more amazing than a tree planted by a river, we were completely dead when we were planted in Christ. His life gave us life in a way a river’s water cannot give life to a dead tree.
In dry climates, trees can only grow near a source of water, especially a river. Trees need a lot of water to survive. Without water, they die. Without Christ, we are dead in our sins. We need his life in us.
Fruit-bearing trees especially need water to grow their fruit. A tree cannot grow fruit without water, but with abundant water flowing through it, the tree will produce lots of fruit.
So we as Christians bear the fruit of good works. Without Christ, we are a dead tree, unable to bear fruit. But with Christ in us, his life flowing through us will produce good works. We will be fruitful trees.
And, when we are in Christ, we do not have to fear. There may come difficult times, but Christ will be like a river of cool water, sustaining us even in those hard times.