Trees of the Bible (6): Sycomore Tree

The sycomore tree is a lesser known tree in the Bible. It is mostly known as the tree that Zacchaeus climbs to see Jesus.
The sycomore tree in the Bible is a type of fig tree and is not the same type of tree as the sycamore trees found in other parts of the world, which is a type of maple tree. The sycomore grows in the lowland areas since it is easily killed by frost (Ps. 78:47). It is often identified in the Bible as the sycomore “that are in the low plains” or “vale,” which is another word for a secluded valley (1 Kings 10:27, 1 Chron. 27:28). This tree would grow in abundance in the low plains, making it a cheap and easily found wood.
While the sycomore is a type of fig tree and produces fruit, the fruit is small and nearly tasteless and not very good for eating. To gather and eat the fruit of the sycomore trees was a sign of desperation and poverty when the better fruit from other types of fig trees was not available.
The sycomore could grow to be 50 feet tall with lots of spreading branches, making it a good tree for climbing.
The Bible mentions that Jesus had gone through Jericho when Zacchaeus climbs the sycomore tree to see Jesus in the crowd. Jericho is near the Jordan River in an area where sycomore trees flourish. It would have been a type of tree that would have been growing all along the road by Jericho.
It is amazing how God works all things for the good of his chosen people, including providing the right kind of tree. God provided the sycomore tree, a tree that grew abundantly and could be easily climbed even by someone short, for Zacchaeus to climb to see Jesus. It was not chance that there was a sycomore tree there along the road by Jericho for Zacchaeus, and you can be assured that God provides the right items in your life for your good.