Tornado Victims in Our Churches

Disaster is no respecter of persons, and a number of our people suffered virtual total material loss along with hundreds of others in the recent tornado.

At the time of this writing, John Huizenga of Hope Church is being treated in the hospital for injuries sustained in the storm.

The family of Ernie J. Miedema (Hudsonville) suffered a double disaster when fire consumed what the tornado had left of their possessions. Although the house was rented and therefore not a direct loss to the family, their clothing, furniture, and car are total losses. Mr. Donald Dykstra, who operates a flower farm in the Hudsonville area, lost his barn, wash coop, most of his tools, part of his crop, and suffered extensive damage to his house and greenhouse. Arnold Dykstra’s car was also demolished by the winds.

The Henry Boer’s home was demolished, together with most of their furniture and household goods.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vander Kooi lost their garage, breezeway, car, and all the windows out of their house. Mr. Jake L. Schut also suffered some damage to his house, and lost completely his barn, chicken coop, onion storage shed, wash coop, and silo.

Others in the Hudsonville and Hope areas suffered damage to greater and lesser degrees.

According to Rev. M. Schipper of Second Church, Mr. and Mrs. M. Vander Wal lost everything, but escaped without serious injury when their house, garage, car, and barn were wiped out.