To Our Boys in Service

Winter with all its cold, ice and snow is gone and spring has come again.  The lawns are already covered with a nice green blanket of grass, and many a fruit tree is in full blossom.  A wonderful sight, but also in this does God prove His might and glory.  But are we always conscious of this?  And not only of His great power and glory but also of His love towards His children?  How often He seems to be so far away from us—like you who are far away from home, parents, brothers and sisters, yes, all those who are dear to you!  Far away from church, among strangers who do not know or do not want to know about God nor His Word and who despise the things you hold dear.  Led in a way that is hard and may seem unjust. Yet, let us remember, He Who leads the destiny of nations, also has laid the pathway which we must tread.  But the most blessed of it all is that the Lord Who has marked out this pathway for you says, “That all things work together for them that love God.”  But life’s pathway is so much harder than it was a few years ago!  I agree with you, for years ago anyone could be a Christian and no one would molest you, but times have changed and more and more this fact has come to the foreground.  One must deny our Lord and have peace with the world or confess Him to be God alone and be persecuted and mocked.  But may God give grace and strength to be faithful to the end whatever the cost may be.  And thou shalt have joy and peace in your hearts which passes all understanding.  May the Lord bless and keep you.