To Our Boys in Service

Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 1946

Dear Fellows:

In the absence of your regular correspondent, I have been asked to write this letter. I’m glad to have this opportunity to write you, although I have been pondering for some time just what I ought to write about. To write about home and the things that happen at home is well-nigh impossible seeing that you men come from so many different places. That probably isn’t necessary anyway, since the folks at home undoubtedly keep you pretty well posted on what is taking place. It is much better therefore that I write about some subject that concerns all of us as Christians and as brothers of the same faith. I don’t know whether you men think a great deal about the reason for things being as they are; perhaps you just accept the circumstances as they are and make the best of them without giving much thought to the reason why they exist. Nevertheless I can hardly imagine that you men who are thousands of miles from home, as some of you are, never think about the conditions that have served to bring you there. But, no matter how that may be, whether you are from home or only a short distance, I think it is a good thing to give these things some thought. The one thing that always strikes me, that becomes evident over and over again in the history of the world, is the foolishness of the wisdom of man. Man in his wisdom boasts great things and promises much but never seems able to realize his ideals. He may go a long ways but inevitably falls short of the goal. Scripture tells us that God makes foolish the wisdom of the world. We see that again in our day. They cry, “Peace”! and there is no peace. And there isn’t really any prospect of peace, even tho men still vainly speak of its possibility. If there were, you fellow’s wouldn’t be where you are right now: you wouldn’t be needed. If we ever needed any testimony apart from the Word of God itself that that Word is true, (which we don’t because we live by faith, we believe that Word regardless of the appearance of things) we have it in the things that happen before our very eyes. God’s Word tells us that there is no peace for the wicked and all the events of this present time loudly proclaim that fact. And it all shows how foolish man really is because he casts that Word of God far from him and blindly butts his head against the solid wall of God’s Word in a vain effort to accomplish his purpose.

And what a testimony this is to us who, by the grace of God, believe!

Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! May you experience that in all your way and may the peace of God, which the world cannot know, dwell in your heart.

Yours in the Lord,

Rev. H. De Wolf