Time for God Versus Self

We call ourselves Christians and go to church twice on Sunday.  We try to obey God’s commands as much as we can and lead a good life.  But the reality of the situation is that we fall far short of perfection because often people get so caught up in their own lives they forget to place God above themselves.

My life is no exception.  The mornings consist of waking up, grabbing food, and running out the door in the attempt to get to school on time.  I always have to rush myself.  I do not have the time to stop and pray.  Does that make it right?

My midday is full of lessons.  I learn everything possible in the allotted time and move on.  Yes, we have prayer at the beginning of a lot of my classes, but do I really listen and learn from it?  It is the same at lunchtime: we have prayer, but minds often wander to what they are going to eat, or who they are going to sit by.  I know from personal experience that I am a selfish person, and often think not on God during the prayers.  It is so easy to not think about God, and that is a curse of our sinful nature.

My afternoon to evening involves coming home from school and then going to work.  These are just simple everyday occurrences for me.  Usually during that time not a thought is spent thinking about God.  This again is wrong, but it is how most Christians live.  We move through our day without thinking about what we are doing and whom we represent.  We are called to be the children of God and are made in his image.  We are to represent him at all times, meaning that to neglect this is a sin.

As night approaches, I think about who I am going to hang out with and what we are going to do.  I think of the fun option and go for it. But I do these things because they are what I want to do.  I might just stay home and just not do my homework because I do not feel like doing it.  Once again, the reflection of God’s image is forgotten.  Christians may act this way just because we are not thinking about whom we represent.

There are also Sundays when we go to church and are instructed in the Scriptures.  How often do we not walk out of church and forget who we are?  If not that, then by Monday morning we are back to work or school and we move on to our normal schedule.  How can we better ourselves to represent who we are?

The answer lies in dedication to studying and reading Scripture.  I suggest things such as setting aside time for prayer.  Also, the reading of the Bible and proper devotions is a great practice often used in the Christian home.  It forces us to take the time out of our day to reflect on what we truly believe, and it betters the way we act by causing us to be more conscious of who we are.

We are called to represent God’s image because we are to be an example to those around us, especially in the workplace.  If those in the world notice no difference between us and themselves, there is a problem.  Scripture says that we are to spread the word of God.  Through a godly example, we show whom we represent, spread the word of God, and do not neglect our duties as Christians.  In remembering who we are through praying and reading the Bible, we allow ourselves to be a better example.

We cannot allow ourselves to get into a relaxed everyday routine in which what we want is our first priority without a single thought of God.  We must always be conscious of who we are through our determined examination of Scripture.  Through this examination, we will be able to give a more perfect example to those around us.