The World: Presumed Godly?

God Bless America” ….“In God We Trust”…..“Freedom of Religion”……“God Bless our Troops”……“I swear to tell the truth…so help me God”


 “State endorses assisted suicide”….“Yearly crime rate increases” ….“State bans prayer in public schools”….“Divorce and broken families reach an all-time high”……“The President and first lady are implicated in a scandal”


The preceding statements are all sayings that have been seen or could be seen in the world of the 20th century. They are all true of the United States of America. For the most part they are true of the whole world. However, these groups of statements stand in stark contrast to each other. Christians in the world today constantly have to choose between right and wrong. At the same time, we are instructed that we are to be separate from the world in which we live. Romans 12:1-2 says, “…present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world…” How are Christians to live in the world today which is so deceptive? As I showed above, the world appears on the one hand to try to obey God’s will, while on the other hand openly defying God. Is the world that we live in a Christian world, or does it just appear at times to be a Christian world? What are we to do? More importantly, if you are a Christian, how should you behave? If you haven’t been converted by the grace of God, what must you do?

First of all, it is our Christian duty to pray for those who are in authority over us in the world. We often fail to do this because these officials seem to be anything but Christian. However, they do have a purpose.

Picture yourselves for a moment driving down a highway. This highway could be called “The Highway of Christians.” There are many other people on the highway. Some people are using the exit ramps. These people appeared for a time to be traveling towards the same destination as the Christians. However, they didn’t really belong on the highway and so after a time they exited. There are also many people that are using the entrance ramps. They are joining the Christians that are already on the highway. These people are new Christians who have been merged onto the highway through the work of the traffic controller. The travelers encounter very much road construction along the way. As far as the travelers are concerned, these construction workers shouldn’t be on the highway. However, the traffic controller has placed these workers on the highway so that they can make the road ahead better for the travelers. These workers are merely serving a purpose in the scheme of things.

We must pray for those government officials who are corrupt and sinful. They are the construction workers that God has placed on our highway. Pray for presidents and state officers who make the laws that affect us. It is our duty to pray that God will cause them to fulfill His desires and will. We must not sit daily and condemn them for the evil that they are doing. God Himself said in Romans 13:1, “the powers that be are ordained of God.” How then can we as Christians cut down those officials that God has ordained? Ask God to work in their hearts so that they will continue to allow Christians to worship. Be active in elections and politics. In fact, thank God for those whom He has appointed. They are serving His purpose.

Secondly, Christians must trust God at all times. Once again, God uses all things to serve His most glorious purpose. When this is hard for us to understand, we must have faith in God. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” All too often we call upon God only in times of need. It is as if He is there only when we feel that we need Him and not at other times.

This is one of the problems that faces the world today. People think that it is convenient to use God only when they need Him. Therefore, we see in America huge masses of people who gather on national holidays and listen to singers asking God to “Bless America.” That is why when America entered the Gulf War many people gathered together to pray that God would “Bless our troops.” Yes, this is the same America that supports killing of unborn babies. This is the same America that forbids prayers in some schools, in fact, even punishes some who pray. However, when these people need God, they become instantly outwardly pious and sacrilegious.

We must avoid this attitude. Do not make God a plaything that we pick up and set down at our convenience. I once heard a minister say, “A hypocrite is a person who is not himself on Sunday.” We must live every day as if it is the Sabbath and we are in God’s presence. This is our duty. Show that you do love and trust God by living every day for Him.

The third and perhaps most important way that Christians are to live in this world is to be different. The life of the Christian is an active life. If we are true Christians, others will be able to see this by our walk and our talk. We must be active, living examples of the Christian’s walk.

Question yourself at this point. Do you walk the walk of the true Christian? Could Satan visit the Lord today and discuss how exemplary your Christian walk is as he once talked about Job’s? (Please read Job 2:1-6.) What can you do to better your walk? What can you do to prepare yourself for your walk in an increasingly evil world?

If you desire to know the Lord, seek out someone who will help you to understand the things of God’s great Word, the Bible. In order truly to know the Lord, you must immerse yourself and your life in the study of the Bible. Church attendance will become a joy! The way of the “Christian Highway” is not an easy way. However, only by following the paths of the Lord can a person be admitted into the heavenly glory that awaits true Christians.

Prepare yourself by bettering your devotional life. Discuss things that pertain to religion with your friends, elders, and minister. Actively pursue the end to which the Lord has created us, His glory and eternal life. Live for Him!

One cannot immerse himself in the ungodly life of today’s world and expect to shine like a light on the hill. Eventually the light will be dimmed and snuffed out by the swirling winds around caused by the ungodly. Separate yourselves from the tents of the ungodly so that they may see your devotion to your Father. Don’t be fooled by the world and their attempts to appear godly. Above all, don’t ever assume that the world is actually godly. Don’t live for the world. For Whom should you live?

Live for Him!