The Word of God

The Bible is an awesome book.
Its pages tell a story;
The “new-born babes” may have a look
To see Jehovah’s glory.
The simple milk of Father’s word
The weak may understand.
And children young, or young-in-faith,
When guided by His hand
Are nourished and find pleasure great
In learning of His love.
They gain the joy of seeking Him
Who dwells in heaven above.
And when they are no longer babes
His word means even more.
They find this book a treasure trove
With grace and peace in store.
The longer that they study it
The richer still it grows;
The Holy Spirit guides their steps
As He new insight shows.
They see their overwhelming sin;
Repent, and are forgiven,
And through their precious Savior’s blood
They’re welcomed into heaven.