The Witness of Geology…The Deluge

We have taken note in foregoing articles that evolutionistic theories have been seriously questioned. Not only do Bible scholars, who have always battled against these worldly views, but also some of their own colleagues have raised doubts. Many among them have discovered that all too often the results of their gropings have led them to conclusions which coincide remarkably with many of the historical facts which are recorded in the Bible.

The histories of ancient peoples bear a striking similarity to the first chapters of Genesis. The Chinese, for instance, record the history of the patriarchs, but put special emphasis on their immediate predecessors. They may call them by different names and have an erroneous interpretation of that early history, but it is still striking that most of the main facts are remarkably similar to those in Scripture.

There is no fact in the world’s history that is better substantiated than that which is recorded for us in the book of Genesis concerning the Flood. Yet nowhere do men show their ignorance and their folly more conspicuously than when they attempt to forget it, for they cannot consistently deny it. The first great proof of the Deluge is the Bible itself. This is a conspicuous authority because of its unchanging characteristic, its age, and its universal acceptance. Dropping from the press at the rate of 70,000 volumes per day in 500 different languages, it is the world’s all-time best seller.

Those who attempt to relegate the early chapters of Genesis to the realm of mythology are overwhelmingly contradicted by the other Bible writers who believed and testified of this world catastrophe. Isaiah 54:9, Ezekiel 14:14, Hebrews 11:7, I Peter 3:20, II Peter 2:5, all confirm the account of Moses. Jesus also testifies of the veracity of Genesis and the fact of the Flood in Luke 17:27. Certainly those who want to acclaim the prophets of Scripture and especially the modernists who still worship Jesus as the epitome of manhood, would not accuse them of willful prevarication or wanton gullibility. Christ speaks of the Flood in connection with his second coming. Certainly Christ would not use a myth to substantiate his second coming to his already doubting disciples. If we doubt the fact of the Flood, we have lost the assurance which is so integral with Scripture.

But why should any man doubt the Flood? Only because he does not want to arrive, after much study and investigation, at the same conclusions as are presented to him in Scripture! There is truly more evidence in the world about us, which speaks loudly to us of this age-old Deluge, than there is for such recent recorded history as the Battle of Hastings or that of Waterloo.

As we saw last time, such ancient men as Shem and his brother lived very long lives and their youthful experiences were passed by faithful tradition, and possibly personally to Abraham and Isaac. Isaac had lived for fifty years before Shem died. Now, it’s not unreasonable to believe that other national patriarchs, comparable to Abraham, passed these same stories to their generations. That is certainly the only explanation which is creditable for the similarity of the most ancient history recorded by far distant peoples.

Let’s look at just one of these stories. It is one of the most remarkable and was found by the Spaniards in Mexico and is preserved in written form. “The first age of the world, called Atonatiuh or Sun of the Water, was terminated by a universal deluge. A man named Coxcox and his wife with their children and animals and seeds were saved on a raft of cypress wood” (supposed to be identical with the gopher wood of the Bible). “When the Great Spirit, Tezcatlicopa, ordered the waters to subside, Coxcox sent out a vulture, which did not return, but stayed to feed upon the dead bodies scattered on the earth. He then sent out a hummingbird, which returned holding a branch in its mouth with green leaves upon it.” How could the Aztecs have such a remarkable story if their ancestors had not transmitted it through the ages that followed the flood? Similar accounts have been unearthed in Ninevah which were written before Abraham’s time.

If we look at the Genesis account, we read that in the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. We may find it quite a task to explain just where and how the water came “from the great deep.” And many people do balk at just this point in the Scriptural account. However, did you ever stop to think where the waters “from above” came from? We all know, don’t we, that rain falls from oversaturated clouds which in turn are formed when water is picked up from the sea and the earth? And we know, too, that this is an ever-occurring cycle. So it’s strange too, that such an amount of water could fall from above. We know that God uses natural phenomena – the same regular system which he created – to execute his designs. However, he also disregards his own ordinances when it pleases him. Thus, he raised and lowered a super-abundance of water upon the surface of the earth.

Now, we are to distinguish the fountains of the deep from the sea itself, however. Scripture reveals three types of water or water storage about the earth. In Proverbs 8:28 we read, “When he established the clouds above; when he strengthened the fountains of the deep; when he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: then I was by him.”

Undoubtedly, all three of these storehouses of water contributed to the deluge. It is not unreasonable to believe that the great underground reservoir was unleashed by the tremendous upheaval caused by the tipping of the earth on its axis. We know that in many places water bubbles out of the ground quite freely even now. Imagine once, if great crevices opened up and water rushed up; if rocks were torn asunder and the great pent-up storage house of the dark earth were broken into; it must have occurred with tremendous force and at great speeds in order to affect the havoc which is visible deep into the earth’s crust.

We may rightly say that much of the volumes of water were supplied in this way. Remember too, that the water rose to a height of at least 28,000 feet in forty days. Thus, the water must have risen at the amazing rate of 700 feet per day. Many students maintain that the rise was even more phenomenal during the first week or two of the flood. Can you imagine the scene in Noah’s day? The people were literally overcome and those who were near hills or mountains must have found it next to impossible to gain even a foot of ground. There must have been a swift current of water two or three feet high plunging from all high places, and what animal or human could combat that against even a rising tide? The dwellers in the plains were engulfed by eight to ten feet of water before an hour was up. We only marvel that Noah’s ark was not dashed to pieces. But the careful, painstaking, and godly work of a hundred and twenty years was rewarded by the almighty hand of God.

After all the turmoil, a great calm and the receding of the waters took hold of the earth. A greatly changed earth appeared, but it was no concern of Noah and probably was not even very evident to him since he had landed in a strange place. He simply gave thanks to God – he was not concerned with the upheaval of the earth because he accepted it as a fact and had witnessed this mighty work of God himself.

On the basis of our Bible knowledge, we can seriously question modern geological theories. When we begin to realize what really took place at the time of the Flood, we can even proffer logical explanations for present geological phenomena. It might be profitable to consider some of the discoveries and theories which the geologist offers.

He has found that in certain strata or layers of the earth, there are definite characteristics which ‘date’ these various strata. However, he is also confronted by discoveries which conflict with his pet theories. For instance, there are many places in which we may find recent as well as old fossils. How these got mixed up he doesn’t know. Also, in many parts of the world, we can find old layers which are above new layers. As an illustration we could look at the discoveries on the plains of Shinar where there are found cross sections of advanced cities under the covered ruins of very primitive civilizations. Of course, they say that something must have happened to civilization between these two layers. Besides, similar layers over the whole world do not fit into the same system of levels. We often find hard rock strata above soft sand stone and that certainly does not fit well into the evolutionistic scheme of things. However, in many places it is entirely possible that the first sands of the Flood settled fast and thus did not harden and that the later waters did not recede so fast and thus formed harder rocks.

Another question is this, Why do we not find human fossils along with the remains of other animals? Evidently, we do not find a great deposit of human bones because there were not nearly as many humans living then as there were animals. Remember that human civilization was still fairly centralized and was not yet subject to the dispersion at Babel. Animals roamed around much more than man and thus were living under ideal conditions. Rich coal and mineral beds speak to us of the fact that the earth before the flood super-abounded with rich vegetation too. Besides, man was limited to the strictly arid and warm regions. There, on the surface, his remains were subject to the decaying elements – and this is as it should be because God willed to destroy man for his sin.

Just to end our study for this time, we might well look at one other striking fact. We have all seen fossil remains of small sea animals or even plants. The worldly scientist claims that the ocean has covered the land at many periods and can do so again in millions of years. However, why doesn’t he admit the fact of the Flood? Isn’t it plain that such a conglomeration of former living matter is not just an accident? If we examine some of the findings of such fossils, it will surprise us that many of these things really put the worldly theory to shame. For instance, some of the fish fossils are so intact, that there is evidence of pigmentation in the stone which engulfed them. There have been Squids that were found with their ‘ink bag’ full yet. Now this is proof of only one thing. You see, the Squid uses this ink bag as a protective mechanism and the moment it becomes alarmed, empties this sack to provide a ‘smoke screen.’ Now, the cataclysm of the flood overtook some of these animals so quickly that they did not even have time to discharge this fluid and the bags have been found intact.

Just look at much of the natural beauty around you and consider how it was made. Truly, it is too wonderful for us, but we can understand somewhat, just how it has been formed. Especially out West, in Zion, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon National Parks we can see the wonderful hand of our Creator. We stand in terror of his judgments which brought much of this beauty about, but we can give thanks just as Noah did. Through the Flood, God gave us rich natural resources, rich and fertile land, continents and seas, seasons, beauty in rock and hills, but especially a warning to trust him implicitly, flee from sin, and seek him in faith.