The Way to Go

How shall the young direct their way
Within this evil world?
When all around and every day
So many barbs are hurled;
Yes, Satan’s forces darts are aimed
At God’s own chosen ones;
The reprobates he long has claimed,
But he desires God’s sons.

The sons and daughters bought by Christ
He’s trying to possess.
He uses fascinating means
To lure them to transgress
The wondrous, holy way of life
Which God the Lord commands.
He calls the righteous life “a bore”,
As at their sides he stands.

Young people, chosen by the Lord,
Don’t heed the devil’s call!
His “pleasant ways” all turn to grief;
He just desires your fall.
You have a safety net—`tis prayer:
Our Father always hears,
Sustains and comforts, shows His love,
Delivers us from fears.