The Two Margarets

This book is a true story about a teenager and a seventy-year-old who are both named Margaret. The story takes place in 1684-1685 in Scotland. They are both strong Christians who will not give up their true Christian faith.

The young Margaret’s parents serve the King of England, Charles II, who is wicked because he thought he was the head of the church and not God. He persecuted Covenanters who worshipped God only in the ways that God commanded instead of the ways that the king commanded.

The king was so cruel that if there was a young man walking down a quiet road by himself, soldiers would question him and ask him where he was going. He would probably say, “I have some business to tend to.” The guards would say, “You are probably attending one of those Covenanter meetings” and would give him a beating he would never forget.

The older Margaret seemed to always to be able to comfort people with a Bible verse. After they are both put in prison because of their beliefs, the older Margaret comforts the younger one with Scripture. Readers will find out what God ordained for the two Margarets.

I think The Two Margarets is a good book because it quotes more Scripture than most books. I didn’t dislike anything about it. I think this book is appropriate for ages six and up; it is short and easy to understand. The book was written by Carine Mackenzie and published in 1985 by Christian Publications Ltd. ♦