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The Synod of Dordrecht

This picture is probably the best one made of the day of the opening of the Synod of Dordrecht, on November 13, 1618. It is an engraving made by F. Schillemans, who carefully reproduced the clothing, faces and behavior of all those who were there together. Among them were 26 theologians from other countries and places, like the Palz and Hessen (Germany), Basel, Bern, Schaffhausen and Zurich (Switzerland), and a number from England transported by the Dutch Navy. There were also representatives from the “Eglises Wallonnes des Pays-Bas” (French speaking churches in The Netherlands, in fact Huguenots). There were professors from the theological academies in Leiden, Franeker, Groningen, Harderwijk and Middelburg. The gathering didn’t take place in a church, but in the “Stadsdoelen” on the first floor. They were wearing their hats and coats because it was cold. Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, however, had strongly recommended to start May 1, 1618, but there were too many problems to overcome for the organization. On May 29, 1619 the Synod was closed, after 180 meetings.