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The Sword of the Spirit (3): Its Care

Danny and his sister Becky studied a picture of a Roman sword. Their mom gathered their hot chocolate mugs. “It’s almost time to leave for catechism.”

“Do we have to go?” Danny sighed as he reached for his boots and coat. “It’s boring.”

His mom pointed at the picture of the Roman sword. “All armor needs to be cleaned and maintained, but a sword takes a lot of work and constant care. A soldier has to make sure it is cleaned after battle. He has to grind a stone along its edge to keep it sharp and take out any dents and scratches. He also has to polish the sword with oil to stop it from rusting.”

“That is a lot of work.” Danny tugged on his coat.

“Yes. As soldiers of God, we have a sword. It’s the Bible, since that is the word of God. No, the word of God can’t rust or decay, but our knowledge of it can. If we don’t read and understand the Bible, it’s like we have neglected our sword. We’ve let it rust and get dented.” Danny’s mom handed him his Bible and catechism book. “That’s why we have to learn and study and go to catechism. You are polishing and cleaning and caring for your sword.”

Danny looked at his catechism book and Bible. “It sounds like a lot of work.”

“It is a lot of work to care for a sword. But it’s important if you want to be prepared for the war of this life to fight sin and evil.”


Question to think about:

  1. Read Ephesians 6:17 by yourself or with your parents. How do we care for the sword we have been given?
  2. What do we do to care for the sword we’ve been given?