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The Sword of the Spirit (1): Its Sharpness

Danny tromped through the snow, poking at the drifts with a stick. When he got cold, he shuffled inside and shrugged out of his boots, coat, and snow pants.

His mom had a mug of hot chocolate waiting for him. Becky already sipped at hers, stirring in another marshmallow.

Danny wrapped his cold fingers around the hot mug. “Can we talk about the Roman swords now? They had swords, right?”

“Yes, they did.” Mom pointed to the picture in the book. “The Roman sword was called a gladius. It was carried in a scabbard on the soldier’s belt when he wasn’t using it. The regular soldiers would wear it on their right side, and the centurions would wear it on the left as a mark of status. The swords were also lighter than you might think, only weighing a little over two pounds. It was very sharp on both sides.”

“Cool!” Danny studied the picture, especially the sharp edges.

“The word of God is like a sword. It is sharper even than the Roman swords. The Roman swords could only cut into the body, but the word of God cuts into a person’s heart and soul.” Mom leaned onto the counter. “When we read the Bible and hear the word of God preached on Sunday, the word cuts out the evil from our heart, leaving room for the Holy Spirit to fill us up with God’s goodness instead.”


Questions to think about:

  1. Read Ephesians 6:17 and Hebrews 4:12 by yourself or with your parents. What do these verses call the word of God?
  2. How does the word of God act like a sword? What does it do to our heart?