The Shaping of a Christian Family

The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot. Published by Fleming H. ReveIl a division of Baker House. 215 pages ($10.00) paperback.

Elisabeth Elliot unfolds for us a fine description of structuring a biblical, godly home in the midst of this unconnected world. This book will warm the heart and encourage our covenant families in the importance of establishing proper examples as father, mother, wife and husband in our homes. She does this by giving us a glimpse of the Howard family from whence she came, a family of 4 sons and 2 daughters, and the upbringing which they encountered. She strongly emphasizes the importance of structuring an orderly home with orderly habits as foundational for the early training of our children. She uses her parents as an example for our great need to bring our every need before the Great Shepherd of our souls in frequent and diligent prayer.

The book provides 8 pages of pictures from the family album as well as frequent quotes from the Scriptures using various translations being properly applied and administered throughout her story. Her Baptist background is evident throughout but not overbearingly so. This book can find a place within our Reformed personal libraries and be beneficial to many.

Those who have read other books by Elisabeth Elliot will enjoy reading this book, will observe for yourselves the early beginnings of Elisabeth Elliot, and will appreciate her upbringing and strong convictions which she focuses on in many of her books. Others who have never read any of Elisabeth’s books will become interested in picking up some of her other materials and will be enriched by them.