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The Seduction of Youth



Hear Lord the voice of my complaint,

Preserve my life from fear,

Hide me from plotting enemies

And evil crowding near.

The workers of iniquity

Their deadly shafts prepare;

They aim at me their treacherous words;

O save me from their snare.


The wicked in their base designs

Grow arrogant and bold;

Conspiring secretly they think

That God will not behold.

They search out more iniquity,

Their thoughts and plans are deep,

But God will smite, for He is near

His saints to guard and keep.


No doubt all of us have sung the words of this familiar Psalter number dozens of times. But did you ever stop to meditate on the weighty meaning of these words? In our discussion on Communism, I emphasized more than once that we are living in serious times. How true this is!

The workers of iniquity (especially the secret controlling powers of Communism, the Devil and his “sacred cow,” Jew controlled Freemasonry), are constantly day and night right here in the United States secretly preparing their deadly arrows, which they shoot and will continue to shoot to a greater degree at the Lord and His Church. Their thoughts and plans are deep – they would like to dethrone God from the heavens if possible. Oh, they do not shoot their arrows at His Church openly as yet, by sending U.S. Christians to the torture chambers, the concentration camps, nor by burning them at the stake, or other forms of martyrdom. In fact, they even render some lip service unto God. But they do shoot their arrows in secret by trying to erase God from the minds of Christians and especially from the impressionable minds of their offspring. And infinite are the devices (yea, many which we Christians overlook and take for granted) which they direct with great pressure against our covenant children and youth in particular. I hope to call your attention to some of these in my future installments under this theme. I know already that some of you will object to my calling attention (only by the irresistible grace of God) to certain evils within the sphere of our own Reformed youth, which are promoted and high-pressured by the enemies of our Lord. This is because we as Christians (myself included) have only a very small beginning of the new obedience and have daily to strive with the weakness of our own sinful flesh, the assaults of the Devil, and with wicked men in general. And the secret controlling powers of Communism make the sin of robbing God of His honor so alluring and attractive that even God’s very elect are deceived in their weak moments and fall into this sin for a time. Indeed, this ought to bring us down upon our knees and cry out with the prophet Jeremiah of old, “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.” Beautiful theme song of our last Y.P. (Sam. 3:22-23). It also reminds me of that Convention held at South Holland, IL (Psalter No. 353).

Just how do the secret controlling powers of Communism try to erase the Living God from the minds of the people and youth in particular? Their principle weapon is their control of the wealth (humanly speaking, of course, via the rich Masonic Jews of Wall Street) by which they exercise such influence in every phase of the nation’s life that it may be described as a kind of international, super, invisible government. Do you know that manufacture, international commerce, transportation, communication, the Press, the international news agencies, the theater, the educational institutions, the book market, radio, and television are under their absolute control? In fact, they almost decide what the ordinary people eat, wear, and read. It practically determines which particular industry is to succeed and what is to be crushed out. For by means of their control of credit, their control of gold, they also employ the propagation of subversive and revolutionary ideas, a false antichristian system of education, the propagation of unchristian and misleading social theories, the stirring up of class war, unrest, strikes, lock outs, revolutions, etc., the demoralization of the youth by corrupt literature, theaters, international (also interscholastic) sports, gambling, drinking, sexual vice, etc. To prove that these facts are true, I will quote a couple of passages from the secret dark devilish documents written at the turn of this last century by the innermost secret Jewish Masonic rulers of the world at that time. It is only through the light of the grace of God that shineth through the deepest darkness, that these documents have been unveiled by men who were at one time zealous, high-degree Freemasons, who by the grace of God saw the extreme wickedness of the lodge and seceded from the same, who at the risk of their lives stole and revealed these infamous and almost unknown documents. These are four of these, the Alta Vandita, Illuminati, the letter of Piccolo Tigre, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Vion. These documents reveal the diabolical, anti-christian motives of the Jew rulers of the Masonic Lodge in a very astounding measure, which are being worked out to the very letter up to this very date as prescribed in these documents. I quote the following:

“Crush the enemy (Christians S.B.) whoever he may be; crush the powerful by means of lies and calumnies; but especially crush him in the egg. It is to the youth we must go. It is that which we must seduce.

“To what purpose does it serve to kill a man? To strike fear into the timid and to keep audacious hearts far from us. – It is not in the blood of an isolated man or even of a traitor, that it is necessary to exercise it; it is upon the masses. Let us not individualize crime. In order to grow great, even to the proportions of patriotism and of hatred for the Church, it is necessary to generalize it. A stroke of the dagger signifies nothing, produces nothing. What does the world care for a few unknown corpses cast upon the highway by the vengeance of secret societies? The world has not time to lend an ear to the last cries of the victim. It passes on and forgets. Christianity has no more fear of a well-sharpened stiletto, than monarchies have, but these two bases of social order can fall by corruption. Let us then never cease to corrupt. Tertullian was right in saying that the blood of the martyrs was the seed of Christians. Let us then not make martyrs, but let us popularize vice amongst the multitudes. Let us cause them to draw it in by their five senses; to drink it in; to be saturated with it. Make vicious hearts and you will have no more Christians. (Bold mine, S.B.)  Keep the preacher away from labor, from the altar, from virtue. Seek adroitly to otherwise occupy his thoughts and his hours. Make him lazy, a gourmand, and a patriot.

“It is the corruption en masse that we have undertaken; the corruption of the people by the clergy, and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves; the corruption which ought one day to enable us to put the Church in her tomb.”

No doubt after reading these lines, one can readily see the causes of much of the juvenile (?? or adult) delinquency which has risen to such an appalling degree in our day. Oh, yes, you hear much talk about combatting juvenile delinquency these days. Many of our youth leaders, doctors, ministers (??), politicians, psychiatrists, government officials, etc. offer many solutions to the problem, such as social reform, better living conditions, a stronger police force, education, but dare not expose the real cause of the same for fear of their pocketbooks and even of their lives. Their efforts in combatting juvenile delinquency can be compared to trying to rid a well of its pollution by washing the pump handle; or by pouring gasoline on a fire with a five gallon can and trying to put it out by pouring water on it with a teaspoon! I might as well try to lift the lid (manhole cover) off the sewer of juvenile delinquency with a crochet hook if I could not by the grace of God take the Devil, its tool, Freemasonry, and the attempt of man to combat the same without God, (Rom. 1:28-32) into consideration. In fact, I dislike the term juvenile delinquency, because it is only partly true. Children and youth are seduced to do evil things by many so-called Christians, who connive at, support, and indulge in all manner of evil, such as Hollywood, the dance hall, beer taverns, comic books, lodges, unions, gambling, etc. Many parents set very bad examples for their children. And certainly a stream can rise no higher than its source. For God certainly visits the iniquity of fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Him.