The Protestant Reformed Hour

Sunday afternoon, A. D. 1941. November, the ninth. The dock in the radio studio WLAV stood at precisely 4:15. At the wave of the baton the choir of six male and six women voices struck up the opening theme song, “Estab­lished in the highest heavens, the Lord has set His throne, and over all His kingdom rules, for He is God alone.” Fifteen minutes of the forty-five minute broadcast are devoted to hymns from the Psal­ter: words and tunes which carry a familiar ring in the hearts of many.


For those who participate in the broadcasts it was the fifth pro­gram of its kind. For me it was a novel experience to both witness and hear our own Protestant Re­formed people on the air.

On this particular Sunday, the Rev. H. Hoeksema spoke on the subject, “The Living God”. In a thoroughly lucid, interesting and thought-provoking way the listen­ers were impressed with the fact that our Triune God lives His own divine Covenant life of perfect friendship and takes His people unto Himself to share that Cove­nant life with Him in perfect bless­edness unto the praise of His glory. The living truth of the Word of God stirred an echo of faith in the believing heart, “this is life eternal to know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ Whom Thou hast sent.”

It speaks well for our youth that their first efforts toward broad­casting have produced a program of this caliber.


Anyone who hears these broad­casts will immediately agree that they are decidedly different from any other broadcast, even of their kind.

Superficiality, which so com­monly marks the religious broad­casts of our superficial age, is con­spicuous in its absence. Mere emo­tionalism so often mistaken for real inspiration, does not taint these programs in any way. Just be­cause Scripture is never super­ficial, and because Scripture is al­lowed to speak freely, the rich and full revelation of God predomin­ates.

That is its peculiar distinctive­ness. These radio addresses are not interpretations of a few iso­lated portions of Scripture, but are expositions of certain fundamental truths as they are revealed to us throughout all of the Scriptures. The Word of God speaks from be­ginning to end, and the living truth of that Word as it lives in the hearts of the believers takes on a fuller and richer significance at each broadcast.

For that reason, it appeals to the Reformed believer who treasures the instruction he has received both in the catechism rooms and from the pulpit, who delights in the study of the Word of God and finds it his chief meditation. It serves to enrich the knowledge he has already acquired and fills him with a desire to ever grow in that knowledge.

Without fear of contradiction it can be said that this is the only program of its kind, and therefore fills a crying need. No doubt, it will find an attentive and ever growing audience, not only in our own circles, but also among all those who love and cherish the faith of our fathers.


We have here a concrete example of what can be done. Do you know that these broadcasts are made pos­sible largely through the small con­tributions of from ten to twenty-five cents per week? How many young people, and older ones as well, spend far more than this small amount every week for trif­ling luxuries which give but pass­ing pleasure. A more extensive effort in and around Grand Rapids can make these broadcasts still more effective by reaching a large audience. In other localities as well a small weekly contribution from those who are eager to take

advantage of these broadcasts will do much toward making this pos­sible.

Our young people have begun this project. Let’s see it through. Let’s not let anyone avail himself of the opportunity of taking it from you through your laxity.

Each local society should put forth an effort at once to bring these programs into their com­munity. In time this could even become a project for the PRYPF. Possibly the 1942 Convention can already take preliminary steps towards making this a broadcast that can be heard throughout all of our Churches. Which is only another reason why all of our Churches should be represented in that ever growing, ever more active and in­fluential Federation of Protestant Reformed Youth.

A weekly broadcast throughout all of our Churches may seem but a dream yet, but let’s strive to make it a reality, and that as soon as possible.

May God’s blessings rest upon the efforts that are being put forth, and may that blessing be evidenced in the fruits of these and future broadcasts.