The Protestant Reformed Hour

There was a time when a Protestant Reformed radio broadcast was considered a fantastic dream; the time ended two years ago, when the Protestant Reformed Hour, a broadcast sponsored by the Young Men’s Society of First Church, Grand Rapids, made a small, but significant beginning over radio station W.L.A.V.  The quality of the broadcast was admittedly high, featuring the Rev. H. Hoeksema, supported by a mixed choir; that quality has grown.  The range of the broadcast was woefully small, the station covering little more than the city of Grand Rapids.  That range has grown slightly, –three other Western Michigan stations having been acquired during the past year.   That range must grow if radio broadcasting is to be worthwhile for us.

During the past month the facilities of a 20,000 watt station, W.J.J.D. Chicago, were made available to us for next fall.  This station, combined with the Muskegon, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids stations which we had last year, will cover Western Michigan, and parts of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  This would be of great advantage for the spread of the Reformed Truth, the Truth as it is our privilege to know it.  The facilities are present; our broadcasting range can grow.

Up to this time, the Protestant Reformed Hour has been supported mainly by the congregation of First Church of Grand Rapids, with some welcome help from a few other churches in Michigan.  This has been a comparatively easy task; but now the burden will be greater, for broadcasting expenses alone will amount to $5,000.00 for a half-hour program for 26 weeks.  This amount looks stupendous, but it really isn’t.  Do you realize that if 800 people would pledge twenty-five cents a week for twenty-six weeks, we would have $200 more than our broadcasting expense? This bit of arithmetic is not presented with the idea of making you sit back and let the other fellow do the job; we need the 800 contributors after all.

If you have followed me in the printed page thus far, you will have seen these two facts: the scope of the Protestant Reformed Hour must grow, and the scope of the Protestant Reformed Hour can grow.  Do you see, my friend, the conclusion for you and for me from these two propositions? It is this:  The Protestant Reformed Hour, God helping us, shall grow, going forth into new field, spreading as it goes the truth that God is GOD.  Will you say that and do that with us?

Any requests for further information or any contributions should be sent to The Protestant Reformed Hour, corner Fuller Ave. and Franklin St., Grand Rapids (6), Michigan.  Meanwhile watch for further news in this magazine and elsewhere and by all means remember this cause in your prayers.

The Radio Committee of the Young Men’s Society of First Church, Grand Rapids.