The Organ of the State Reformed Church in Bierum

This gift of the lords of the “Luingaborg” (castle) is still in all its glory, more than two centuries old.

Since 1605 there have been quite a few ministers of the church, and amongst them names also known in the USA: in 1700 Ludolfus Huizinga, in 1718 Gerhardus Kleijn, in 1811 G. van den Broek, 1859 R. Pabus Cleveringa.

On the wall this poem (translated):

The lamb, slaughtered for us on earth,
Is eternally worthy to receive:
Wisdom, riches, honor, and power,
And grateful hymns of praise.

There has been an Abby of the Benedictines close by before the church was built. The word “Bierum” comes out of the old Celtic language; the part “um” means house or birthplace. Bishop Herbertus of Utrecht came from Bierum sometime in the Middle Ages.