The News from Randolph

“How is that new school getting on out there in Randolph?” We’ve heard that question many times. For those whom we’ve not been able to answer personally, here’s a short accounting of how we’re “getting on.”

“That new School” is Faith Christian School (Protestant Reformed). We’re at 240 East Cambria, on the north edge of Randolph, Wisconsin. We oc­cupy one corner of a building owned by a member of our congregation here. The rest of the building houses a factory. The fathers of several of our stu­dents work in the factory, so there is a bit of traffic back and forth before and after school, but during the school day we don’t see much of each other.

Through chiefly volunteer labor, members of the school society gutted and refurbished “our” corner of the building. We have two classrooms, restrooms, a supply room, an office, a coat room, and a li­brary. We think it’s a first-rate facility, especially considering this is our first year of operation.

Our playground is on land owned by the school society. (We hope eventually to build on this par­cel.) This land adjoins the factory property, as well as the Protestant Reformed Church property. We have the usual playground equipment, and plenty of wide open space for soccer, softball, football, etc. Our students came from three different schools, and our teachers came from two more, so we keep coming up with new games to try.

We have twenty students in grades one through eight. There are students in every grade; our small­est class has one (second grade), and our largest has four (seventh grade). Mr. Dan Hanko teaches grades five through eight and is also the adminis­trator; Mr. Dirk Westra teaches grades one through four. The board hopes to add a kindergarten next year; this will mean hiring a part-time kindergar­ten teacher.

The teachers make ample use of volunteer help. So far this year, we’ve had the regular help of ten volunteers; some of them help once a week; one lady (who also works in the factory) helps out with reading class every day in the lower room. These volunteers help with academic subjects, teach choir, gym, and art classes, and are busy setting up the library. The Mothers’ Club puts on regular hot lunches, which the students and teachers espe­cially appreciate.

Our school calendar looks pretty much like any other school’s: parent-teacher conferences, Iowa Basics, vision screening, field trips, chapels, an all-­school program, and so on. We hope to graduate our first three eighth-graders on May 23.

We hope to grow. Our projected enrollment looks steady, but we don’t foresee significant growth. We trust God to provide students and the means to run the school. The board did not casually name the school Faith Christian. Looking at the past, we see God’s covenant faithfulness in bringing Protes­tant Reformed education to Randolph. Looking to the future, we trust Him.


Dirk is a teacher in Faith Christian School in Randolph, Wisconsin.