The New Year and the Political Scene

This year 1953 brings in the new administration. What it brings with it in the political field is hard to say. Without any question there will be some changes of policy, and with respect to the international scene it may cause a better relation and understanding with our allies and a worse relation with Russia and her satellites. Notice how we write “may”. There is no prediction possible, for such things are in God’s hand and unpredictable. The question whether the administration will deal righteously with the many problems which face the world. Rather surprising it is that Mr. Eisenhower chose a union leader for the labor position in his cabinet. It is another indication to me that we cannot predict the course of events. Our expectations for the future are often shown up to ourselves by the Lord as very foolish and selfish. He calls us to face crises and issue and to witness for the truth in every sphere of life.

And the Church?

Our question about the future of the church is naive from a certain viewpoint. We know that there is nothing new under the sun. We shall experience the same struggle in the church world as we have in the past. Through all the opposition of the gates of hell, Christ shall build His church. Nevertheless there shall arise new situations in the struggle of the Church. We may and ought to discern the signs of the times. We must watch for the signs of the false church. It shall arise in new  forms and it requires vigilance on the part of the watchmen of Zion. While we are called to seek the unity of the faith, the false church may pretend and boast of its better way of unity, and deceive many. In its calling to proclaim the everlasting Gospel the Church is always in danger of becoming worldly minded. It is necessary for the church to be filled with the consciousness of the last hour and the coming of Christ to proclaim the message with that proper urgency. Then too, we are warned that we must watch for internal strife, which weakens the church. (Galatians 5:15).

Though the world boasts of new things that it shall bring to pass, the Church believes with joy and confidence that the Lord Jesus Christ, the worker of miracles, shall come and is now coming, to bring the new thing to pass, which He has promised since He ascended into the heavens —the new creation wherein righteousness shall dwell.

And Science?

When the world faces the future it invariably looks to men of science. Science plays its role in the Apocalypse, both the State and the False Church, the two beasts that arise in time, look to science and call men to worship it.

Though it is fantastic, even beyond the imagination, men of science now are speaking of their conquest of space. Time magazine featured its cover and leading article with the subject of Space Pioneer, and asks the question, Will man outgrow the earth? Its leader boldly states, “Within the next 10 or 15 years the earth can have a new companion in the skies, a man-made satellite which will be man’s first foothold in space.

A sobering statement appeared in an article on medicine. It concerned itself about the “flu”. It reads, “The influenza pandemic which raged around the world in 1918-19 was the third great plague in recorded history (the others: the Black Death (bubonic plague), which ravaged Europe and Asia in the 14th century, and the scourge which swept Europe in the 17th century.) Nobody ever isolated the microbe that caused it, and recent attempts to find the supposed virus in long frozen corpses of Eskiom victims got nowhere.” Then there is a statement about the influenza vaccines. “Influenza vaccines today are often made worthless because the virus changes its nature and defeats them. The trick is to beat the virus to the draw and have a suitable vaccine ready before a virulent strain can start an epidemic.”