The New Look – Panta rei (all things change) Heraclitus

Not even Beacon Lights is outside the scope of application of the weighty words uttered by the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus.  Much as it dislikes being so audaciously classified, Beacon Lights has been forced to admit that it, too, changes.

Two members of the clan of regular contributors, Jay Kortering, associate editor, and Rev. Herman Hanko, editor of the Christian Living column, took on new positions in our churches and resigned from Beacon Lights.  Jay, known for his effectively zesty editorials, e.g., “Devil on a Leash,” became minister to the Hull Protestant Reformed Church.  Rev. Hanko, remembered for his uniquely interesting series on such topics as “Christian Courtship” and “The Protestant Reformed World and Life View,” will write the All Around Us rubric in The Standard Bearer.  To the thanks of the Federation Board, Beacon Lights adds its word of appreciation and wish for continued success.  Since work well done is its own best reward, both have been amply rewarded.

Spurred on by these developments, the Federation Board called a hasty meeting, and in true Dutch style produced, from a pipe, cigar, and cigarette polluted atmosphere, the satisfactory solutions.  Rev. A. Mulder was tendered the position of associate editor, which position he accepted.  Responding to the suggestion of several readers – yes, friend, there are a few who write us – Beacon Lights comment on the political and cultural developments (or retrogressions, as your view may be) on the local, national, international, and interplanetary levels, the Board reinstated the defunct Current Comments column.  Jim Jonker, whose first article appears in this issue of Beacon Lights, will edit the rubric.

The only other switches occurred within the public relations staff.  This stalwart squadron of unsung Singspiration starters and subscription solicitors lost Harry Langerak to the presidency of the Federation Board, Rog Harbin replaces him as chairman of the staff, and Ed Langerak rounds out the group.

So, hoping that Heraclitus’ formula applies annually, not monthly, the Federation Board and Beacon Lights Staff settle down gingerly, to continue with the usual endeavors.