The Need for Protestant Reformed High Schools

There are many cogent considerations which necessitate Protestant Reformed parents’ providing Protestant Reformed Education for their son or daughter in the high school years. Fundamentally these considerations may all be traced to one principal course, namely: we are called to educate this youth of the covenant in the fear of The Only God, i.e., The God OF THE SCRIPTURES! And it is the solemn calling of all those that hold the Protestant Reformed heritage dear, to strive for that goal with all might and means, so that when it pleases God so to grant, the reality shall appear. We’re humbly thankful to see that the parents in the Grand Rapids area have dared to express this as their desire of soul and that now it is in the stage of becoming a reality. For it is apparent that we cannot fulfill this calling by sending this seed to the camp of those who claim to confess Scripture’s God, but who in reality attempt to form another that is more in line with today’s thought of “God gives grace to all”; Thus god, but not GOD.

We find many things that we cannot condone in the present day “Christian” high school. But we must be careful here. In that sphere of the nominally “Christian” high school, we may find many things that we don’t like, but let us be careful not to suggest that we did not expect them there! Just take a look at the history of churches as a group, or at the history of any single church, that doctrinally went wayward. Sooner or later, and generally amazingly soon, you notice this: the decay in doctrine has spread as a horrid cancer and the life of that church is nearly identical to the world. But there is one treacherous difference: that group yet wants to claim the title of one whom they don’t know, even Christ. Oh, I am not speaking head for head, but confessionally they deny Him…how then can they know Him? Therefore, we should not be surprised to see these things that “go against” us, in the existing schools. They are but the inevitable fruit of men that continue doctrinally in a wayward way. This must and DOES become manifest in their schools also.

So we notice that the existing schools are loath to remain distinct in character, though distinct in name. The ill-suited reply to an attack on amalgamation with public systems in almost any possible joint endeavor is: “Don’t you see? We’re letting our testimony and light shine before these heathen!” It’s hardly worth the answer when we have to be busy with such nonsense! Join with them (the world) in as many activities as possible, academic and social, so that you can let your light shine, so you can show them that you, as a child of the Living God, are called to be different in this world of sin and that you must come out and be separate? How can your testimony ever contain anything of that antithesis, when your walk is directly opposed to it and puts the lie to every word your lips confess? But this is the thing we must expect in these “Christian” high schools.

Be different? Yes, perhaps, but it doesn’t really matter (so they say) that we have election of a king and queen and an extra little crew to be their respective courts, does it? That such can continue under the name of Christianity absolutely amazes us. Fostering and nurturing such idolatry and worldly-mindedness certainly is not approved by our parents, but don’t forget the children see it all…and it goes under the name of our Lord and Redeemer…and it makes us quake at the blasphemy of it all. But this again is what we expect, not only, but also witness in these “Christian” schools.

The instruction itself provides the main point of objection for the Protestant Reformed parent. Teach them in the home (do we?) and teach them in the catechism and for the rest of their spheres the Lord’s command to diligent teaching does not apply? Of course it applies! Well the Protestant Reformed parent knows better than to think that those who kicked our leaders from their midst some forty years ago are going to repent of that work and suddenly begin teaching our children the truth. That is the root. They cannot teach our children because they don’t have the truth. And let us not be afraid to say so. If our existence means anything at all, as far as education is concerned, it means this: That others MAY NOT HAVE OUR CHILDREN TO INCULCATE AS THEY SEE FIT! The youth of a denomination simply may not complacently be given over to her enemy and expect thereby to be strengthened in the cause of that denomination. They won’t either. They will be strengthened in the cause of that enemy.
We wonder somewhat at the lack of stress of these things in the past. It is high time that we become aware of the fact that education is not to be denied, a powerful influence in the life of youth. Well, after forty years then let us all be of one mind and have the courage to express that we need and want our own distinctive schools as well for the high school seed as that which is in our grade schools. Let us labor to that end with the means that He has given unto us, too. Doing those things in the way of prayer, we will be blessed in the instruction of this youth. And we shall never be put to shame!